Leading Commercial Drone Specialsts

Dragonfly Drones™ operates one of the newest fleets of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, or UAV / “drones”) anywhere in the UK. We serve private and public sector interests by offering the latest technology and expertise to dramatically improve operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our experience and fleet of cutting-edge drones, lends itself to a range of specialist applications, namely:

  • Aerial Surveys
  • GIS Mapping
  • Aerial Inspections
  • BIM Modelling
  • Environmental
  • Public Safety
  • Search & Rescue
  • Festivals & Events
  • Aerial Cinematography

Of paramount importance is Dragonfly’s firm commitment to operating at the highest standards of safety and best practice. Our safety-first culture weaves through the entire fabric of our organisation.

We value collaborative partnerships that seed innovation and allow bespoke solutions to be created for projects of any size. Dragonfly prides itself on helping organisations create new opportunities for the use of drones, driving adoption and innovation across all sectors.

We are proud members of ARPAS, the UK’s trade association for commercial drone operators, and a CAA Registered Operator (ID 11892).


Operationally, nothing is left to chance. Full site surveys and risk assessments are produced for each mission and our UAS have state-of-the-art redundancies to protect people and assets. Dragonfly work to ISO standards 31010:2019 (Risk Management), and our systems are continually being refined to ensure best practice.

Technology & AI
As the first to acquire the M300 RTK, Dragonfly is committed to using the most advanced UAS available. Hardware from the likes of DJI, Flyability, Sensefly, Parrot, Intel, PhaseOne, and Hasselblad, is used alongside advanced flight planning & data analytics software, combined with powerful AI, to produce reliable data of the highest quality.

Industry Experience
Dragonfly’s unique partner network, DragNet™, provides clients with exclusive access to highly specialist service providers, R&D resources and leading technologies, all under the one brand. As such, Dragonfly aims to provide a combined industry experience that is unrivalled by any standalone operator.

Economies of Scale
Dragonfly specialises in scaled operations and strategic contracts that produce immediate gains, long-term benefits and maximum return on investment. Additional economies of scale can be found by leveraging specialist services from our DragNet™ partner programme.

Extended Operations
Dragonfly undertakes projects across the UK. Standard flights of 45mins are achievable, even in poor weather. Tethered flights allow for continuous operations over smaller areas whilst Operational Safety Cases allow operation outside the CAA’s Standard Limitations.

DBS & Education
All Dragonfly pilots have Enhanced DBS checks as standard, and ground crews involved in operations at schools & colleges, public events, recreational areas, town centres and hospitals, are also DBS checked. Dragonfly is also a participant of the Drones for Schools programme.

Dragonfly invests heavily in the best kit, tailored to suite particular applications.

Public Safety / Critical Infrastructure
DJI’s Matrice 300 RTK is a next generation SUA, setting the new standard for commercial drones. It is ideally suited to Firefighting, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure Inspections, Sites Surveys, and Environmental Impact Assessments, such as flood damage. With flight times of up to 55mins, advanced redundancy for safer flights, and the ability to fly in inclement weather, day or night, it offers huge benefits over its nearest rivals.

Indoor Inspections
The Flyability Elios 2 helps organisations comply with the Confined Spaces Regulation 2001, whilst capturing significantly more data in less time. Indoor inspections can be highly hazardous work environments. From sewage tunnels and underground infrastructure, to warehouses, basements and cargo holds, drones give fast, safe access and minimise down-time.

Rapid Deployment
Dragonfly's fleet of aerial drones also includes the award-winning DJI Mavic 2 Pro, a staple of the drone industry which is small, nimble and quick to deploy. With a 1" Hasselblad lens, it provides highly detailed 4k video and HD photos.

Bespoke Projects
For operations within congested areas, or over larger areas, Operational Safety Cases allow us to fly with dispensations of the standard permissions (e.g. fly closer, further and higher). Through our DragNet™ programme, we also collaborate with partners and research groups to create bespoke solutions to unique challenges, be it environmental assessments or improving public safety.

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