Johnstone Landscapes

Johnstone Landscapes works with designers to build gardens and large-scale landscaping projects across the South West. We are active members of the British Association of Landscape Industries ( and adhere to their guiding principles of what good landscaping and clear communication look like. Our clients are interested in the positive legacy they are creating when building a garden, creating a Public Open Space or parkland. We continually collaborate, develop and seek the latest technology, coupled with traditional methods, to minimise a negative environmental impact and ensure a light a footprint as possible.

We are passionate about the environment and promote the biodiversity around us. We equally strive to provide a healthy working environment for our hard-working, skilled team. We challenge our suppliers and seek provenance on the materials we use. We are uncompromising about that supply chain and ensure, as far as we can, that we do not contribute unwittingly to unethical or unfairly sourced products. We have, for 28 years, designed and built gardens that show our obsession with detail – be it in the planting, structural elements or the materials that we use. Everything we do supports the realisation of that design and the vision of the client whether for a domestic or commercial project.

Embedded in our way of working, is to be restorative. We seek out environmentally positive methods to deliver projects and highlight with clients the clear, beneficial impact this has. We enjoy working with designers and clients on projects that reflect a more natural style of landscape and are keen to implement green infrastructure to soften paving, walls and metal edging. We concentrate on vistas and focal points and enjoy bringing well thought through structure to the space.

Some of our more recent work has been on green roofs and reservoir landscaping to protect biodiversity. A recently completed project in the South West in collaboration with Wessex Water was to adapt 2500sqm of a concreted padded roof above an enclosed reservoir in the heritage City of Bath, turning it in to a green lung for students at one of the City’s school. It has provided, as Octavia Hill advocated, ‘an open-air sitting room’. A necessary part of the project was the drainage layer in the form of a dispersing sponge underneath the planting layer. We have to think a lot harder in order to ensure water has somewhere to go. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) have for a while been one of our key solutions – they can prevent water pollution and flooding in urban areas and also create green spaces and habitat for wildlife in towns and cities. We pursue green infrastructure solutions to not only the built environment, but ensure clients understand it is also equally applicable to rural projects.

More recently we installed the infrastructure (soil and stone) and turf to two 92m long aircraft hangars, which were being restored to house research staff for an engineering and design faculty. It is projects like this, with a leaning towards engineering, that the team really enjoy undertaking and working with other stakeholders to overcome any challenges to achieve the project.

M.J. Church :
“We have worked on a number of challenging projects with Andrew Johnstone and his team and it makes a refreshing change to work with people who have a pro-active and reasonable approach to problem solving with a “can do” attitude – not only professional, but a pleasure to work with”.