Ixis was founded in 2004 on the fundamental belief that open source software offers the best available platform for powering websites and applications. Many years in and lots of successful projects later, we still believe this to be true as do our clients who share our passion for the benefits of open source.

At Ixis we help companies grow, through technology and support of their open source website. By choosing to work with like-minded individuals our aim is to build long-term partnerships – we don’t just deliver a project and then disappear. We want to become a digital partner, helping to support and maintain your digital infrastructure. We recognise the importance of stakeholder engagement, and will always seek to have a full understanding of an organisation’s vision, values and objectives before getting started on any project.

By focusing our development, research and resources onto the things that matter, we create opportunities for our clients to benefit by learning from the experience shared across our network.

We worked exclusively in Drupal for a number of years, becoming the UK’s leading Drupal dedicated agency. After almost 14 years of honing our skills in Drupal to perfection and building one of the most diverse portfolios in the UK, ranging from enterprises to local government and third sector organisations, we expanded our expertise to include other open source platforms. This means that we can offer our services to an even wider range of businesses and share the knowledge and expertise we have built over the years across a wider network.

What sets us apart?

Ixis have always lead from the front, we are constantly growing as a company looking to enhance our skills and distinguish ourselves from the rest. Our core values, which enable us to provide the highest quality services to each customer at real value, are at the centre of all of this. We pride ourselves on our strengths and values that make us different.

  • Innovative – We help our clients find smarter ways of working through the latest technology and tools.
  • Knowledgeable - We research the market to guarantee that we are only putting our names to the best products and services.
  • Approachable - Whatever our clients needs, we discuss what is best suited for them and their business, tailoring our services around our clients.
  • Experienced – With two decades of technical experience and know-how, the team have an outstanding track record and knowledge that is respected within the industry.
  • Clarity – We cut the jargon and ensure each client fully understands what we are doing.
  • Integrity – We only say yes to work that we can deliver to our own high standards, and if we cannot do this, we say no thank you.
  • Skilled - Our team are all full time dedicated developers. We believe in keeping our services in-house so we can monitor and control quality in our project delivery.

We're always here

We pride ourselves on our support systems. As one of our clients, you can log tickets, which we’ll prioritise and assign to your dedicated support team. Our expert staff members focus on bringing clarity and complete understanding so you always know what’s going on.
We're partners

We see ourselves as technical partners. We are about building a relationship that is on-going so we can offer support and security. We also believe in sharing tips and insights with all our clients, making us all stronger and keeping us all ahead of the game.

What do we do


Ixis are here to work with your business no matter what the size or the complexity of the Drupal project. Working together with your in-house team, our consultants ensure that your Drupal project is built to the highest possible specification that delivers the benefits expected from the platform.


Our team has created cutting-edge websites for every type of organisation from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, charities and public sector bodies. Our wide experience makes us creative and resourceful when it comes to integrating Drupal modules and third party systems into a single, seamless, bespoke solution. We will do whatever it takes to meet yours and your customers’ needs.


We specialise in open source hosting for a wide range of websites from small and simple to complex, high traffic sites. Our team has helped to move hundreds of sites over the years, so you can be confident of a seamless migration and continuing excellence.


Ixis are one of the UK’s leading open source experts and we pride ourselves on the support services we provide. Depending on your support requirements we can provide a service level agreement that meets your business needs.

We provide a choice of support retainer agreements:

  • Security only
  • Within UK office hours
  • Critical 24/7 service