As we continue to battle the coronavirus global pandemic, we must look ahead and start to understand how the working world has irreversibly changed. Global, economic, societal and cultural forces are constantly shifting and shaping a new future for the facility management industry.

The government sector lies at the centre of this transformation – the departments that create and implement national policy must themselves be at the forefront of these new ways of working. And partnerships with facility management companies like ISS can help reconnect people with their places to make this new world work better.

Outsourcing to combat rising costs

As budgetary pressures on government organisations continue to grow, so does the demand for better and safer workplaces. So, despite the current COVID climate and all its associated uncertainty, outsourcing departmental facilities management services increases in popularity. The need for a high-quality and safe workplace – coupled with the desire to reduce operating costs – has departments looking outside of their internal structure and forming long-term partnerships that deliver innovative solutions and financial efficiencies.

This is where ISS can help. As an expert in intelligent placemaking solutions, we continuously invest in creating next generation services that maintain positive working environments and make life easier for the people who use them.

We provide Total FM across the UK and Ireland to public industry sectors including central government, local authorities and the defence industry. We deploy data, insights and knowledge of the workplace experience to develop strategies that meet the intricate realities of service delivery. We embrace technology and digitisation to manage risk, reduce cost and ensure consistency.

Revolutionising technology and digitisation

While technology is a core driver for improving efficiency and driving down costs, it also plays a significant part in curating productive and enjoyable workplaces. Before lockdown measures were implemented, we all took for granted the ease of virtual meetings and e-commerce solutions – online ordering and cashless payments. The use of centralised sensor technology to control air temperature, air quality and building lighting is now thought of as commonplace. But these are all digital leaps forward that have transformed our facilities spaces and general working practices.

ISS invests heavily in strong working partnerships with leading global technology partners so that our service offerings are continuously supported by the latest innovative products. We explore the leading edge of robotics, we implement inventions that monitor and enhance the user experience, and we make use of real time data to iteratively improve our services. People make places – our solutions make those places work productively for their people.

Workplace personalisation and wellbeing

As we continue to navigate this pandemic and its lasting impacts, employee health and wellbeing is more important now than ever. The value of healthy and happy staff has driven the creation of workplace strategies that actively promote wellbeing, positive engagement and productivity.

We believe that people make places, and places make people – workspaces influence us and we in turn interact closely with them. The three pillars of our corporate responsibility strategy help us utilise these spaces to make a positive, engaged and lasting impact on our communities, our environment and our employees.

We are constantly looking to adapt our services to cater for the changing needs of an evolving and diverse workforce. This includes causes at the heart of the next generation, who demand zero waste, climate-friendly food services, sustainable workplace designs and flexible remote working options that cater for a healthy work-life balance.

What workers expect from their workplaces has changed – and will continue to change rapidly in the coming months. The facilities management sector needs to continue to evolve to meet tomorrow’s demands.

In summary

Outsourcing will continue to increase across all areas of local and central government, along with the wider industry – education, healthcare, defence, finance, manufacturing, the tech sector and more. The main point of uncertainty is where exactly the priorities of these outsourcing customers will lie, as they seek to add value to their services and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

While cost has always been a key factor – often what prompts companies and organisations to outsource in the first place – organisations are increasingly seeking to connect their people with their places and improve happiness, increase productivity and make life easier.

For ISS, it is crucial that we stay at the forefront of these developments to provide high standards in all aspects of delivery. We never stand still, constantly innovating and creating pioneering placemaking solutions for our clients. We connect people and places to make the world work better.

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Event Diary

The Security Event is set to be the first major exhibition to take place in the sector when it opens its doors on 7-9 September 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham and for the first time it will also encompass the National Cyber Security Show.

digitech21 will seek to demystify the increasingly complex technology landscape and will showcase a host of public sector best practice case studies and the very best solution providers, each of whom are helping organisations to transform and improve the way in which the public sector delivers services to the citizen.