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About Intrafocus

Intrafocus is a corporate performance management software reseller and consultancy.

The software, called QuickScore, is used by organisations, large and small, across the world. It can be easily integrated into any strategic planning process. Or added as a management tool. QuickScore allows users to build Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards.

Once a scorecard is in place, dashboards can be created to collate and display the data in multiple formats, turning it into useful information. These, in turn, can be added to reports that are automatically updated whenever data is added to the system.

QuickScore is usually built in the following order:

1. Create Scorecards

Scorecards take the form of a collection of KPIs, or measures, grouped under common headings. For example, Financial data or Customer data or Process data. The individual measures have ‘thresholds’ assigned to them. For example, red, amber and green thresholds to enable the very familiar ‘traffic light’ reporting.

2. Build Dashboards

Scorecards are a good step in the right direction. But to gain maximum benefit, the data needs to be collated and displayed in a meaningful way. In QuickScore multiple dashboards can be built. These take scorecard elements, images, text, commentary, charts, graphs, actions and initiatives and bind them in a presentable, single-screen format. The dashboards can then be used in reports or viewed individually. They can even be exported to appear outside the application.

3. Add Charts & Reports

If a row and column tabular view of the data is required, then the Charts & Reports function can be used. This provides a ‘spreadsheet’ view of the data. The data can then be downloaded and manipulated in a spreadsheet format. As sometimes, it is just simply prudent to look at the numbers!

4. Generate a Strategy Map

A strategy map is a special view of both objectives and measures. A strategy map can be automatically generated in QuickScore, provided the scorecard has been built using an objective-measure format. For organisations that are using the Balanced Scorecard strategic methodology, this is vitally important. For others, it is a bonus.

5. Add some Initiatives/Projects

Measuring performance is important but driving performance improvement requires action to be taken. QuickScore has an Initiatives section where projects, tasks and milestones can be created and linked to objectives and measures. This linkage is immensely powerful, allowing users to ensure that all elements within a strategy can be driven effectively. Furthermore, this section can be used for tasks to drive smaller remedial activities as well.

6. Add some Files or Documents

Sometimes there may be a regulatory requirement to keep documents and files in the same system as objectives and measures. Therefore, QuickScore has its own File repository. Recognising that many organisations will already have their own document management systems, QuickScore can also link directly into third-party products.

7. Collate a Briefing (Presentation)

Probably the most powerful feature in QuickScore is the ability to take multiple elements, for example; measures, scorecards, dashboards, charts, reports, initiatives or documents, and collate them together into a Briefing. This could take the form of a monthly management report, or a weekly status report, in fact, any format that is required. The huge difference here, compared to building a PowerPoint presentation, is that the Briefing only needs to be created once. Then every week, month, quarter etc. it will be automatically updated with the data that has been added to the system.

G-Cloud 11 – KPI Management and Dashboards

Intrafocus is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and therefore part of the UK Government Digital Marketplace. Full details of the service can be found by using the link below or searching the Digital Marketplace with the search term: KPI Dashboard

You can access the service via the Digital Marketplace

Strategy Workshops

In addition to providing KPI Dashboard software, Intrafocus runs strategy workshops to help organisations build, implement and manage their strategy. Our three-session workshop follows a seven-step methodology that looks at an organisations’ Vision, Priorities, Objectives, Measures, Initiatives, Communication and Automation. The sessions run across three consecutive days and last between four and six hours per day. Our facilitators have decades of experience and are experts at keeping participants focused on the task-in-hand.

Sturle Pedersen, the CEO of Gexcon said of the course, “The three-day course was very helpful for supporting our senior management team to better understand the strategic process and how to coordinate corporate and departmental strategies, initiatives and priorities. The workshop, through its exercises and discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our global business.”

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