GFT: Intelligently exploiting the cloud to power the UK’s public sector, the jewel in our crown

The services supplied by the UK’s public sector, particularly those provided by the world-renowned NHS, are considered by many to be the jewel in our crown. Never has this commitment to service excellence been more evidenced by the way our public servants continue to respond to the challenges presented by the global pandemic and its related issues. When speaking at the recent GovTech 2020 Virtual Summit about the virtual technologies’ implementation programme taking place across the organisation, the Lead Data Scientist from the Department for Work and Pensions also shared how impressed she had been by the ‘can-do attitude’ displayed by her colleagues, and their rapid response to the cultural changes enforced by the outbreak of COVID-19.

It is heart-warming to learn how this group of dedicated people who, under very challenging circumstances, came together and swiftly adapted to the ‘new normal’ to ensure they could support the diverse needs of many millions of customers. The ability to provide a BAU service is also due to the public sector leaders’ determination to embrace the advantages of a digital transformation programme, as quickly as possible. This strategy is designed to accelerate the adoption of public cloud, data, analytics tools and seamless software applications that will ease the pain of outdated infrastructures, for the benefit of the entire nation.

A ‘can-do’ attitude

Leon Orr, Chief Delivery Officer at GFT, commented: “We applaud the UK government’s drive to implement new technology throughout the public sector, particularly around cloud adoption. GFT brings deep expertise and significant experience in this area, having successfully delivered digital transformation programmes across various industries and we believe our ‘can-do, highly collaborative approach’ mirrors that of the public sector. We both share a passion to apply smart technologies and modern working practices to create flexible, agile environments that can seamlessly pivot to meet changing requirements, whilst continuing to deliver quantifiable value to the organisation and its clients.”

GFT is an award-winning firm, providing exceptional cloud, IT and software engineering services, delivering expert consulting and development skills across all aspects of pioneering technologies. These include cloud strategy and planning, cloud engineering and cloud migration, data management, machine learning and legacy technology modernisation programmes. The firm implements robust, scalable IT solutions to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide clients with fast, easy access to new applications and innovative business models, whilst also significantly reducing risk.

Rethink. Reengineer. Reignite.

Leon continued: “Our mantra of ‘rethink, reengineer, reignite’ is the foundational component for all our transformation engagements. Everything starts with a thorough understanding of the overall customer / user experience journey. Only through this understanding can one develop and implement advanced solutions, underpinned by the latest working practices which are continuously adapted to support and enhance the services they provide. This approach helps to protect existing investments, significantly enhance enterprise-wide IT control & governance and simplifies procurement capabilities.”

The GFT offerings are categorised by four discrete, but fully integrated, pillars which are tailored to suit each client’s precise requirements:

  • Customer - spanning design thinking; CX, UX and visual design; mobile and API disruption; machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data – incorporating real-time streaming architectures; big data and data lakes; high-performance computing and data operations
  • Technology – covering cloud migration; cloud-native and cloud-agnostic engineering; refactoring monolithic architectures into microservices; mainframe liberation; COTS modernisation and database migration
  • Automation – empowering solutions with robotic process automation

Elegant solutions engineered to deliver

“Although our expertise and experience spans strategy and architecture through to delivery, it’s not so much about what you have, it’s more about what you do with it,” says Leon. “And because the needs of every organisation are subtly different, for me the GFT difference is about exploring ‘the art of the possible’ - finding new ways to inject innovative, highly cost-effective, secure programmes that will positively transform the overall operating model. Our evolutionary, not revolutionary approach enables us to intelligently challenge and debate all potential strategies before bringing customer-centric teams with the right blend of attitude, engineering skills and experience to the table. In turn, they will expertly craft elegant technology solutions which help to eliminate the challenges of managing complex legacy infrastructures and highly regulated organisations.”

No one could have predicted the profound impact of this global pandemic. However, through the heroic efforts of the people working in the public sector, it thoroughly deserves its reputation for being the jewel in the UK’s crown. And while technology was a great enabler, it also clearly demonstrated the journey to change is far from over. To achieve its ambitious goals, and unlock its true potential, this vital organisation of government requires the support of an expert technology provider partner with an unbridled passion for getting things done. GFT, together with its extensive skills, resources and experience, is at the public sector’s service, ready and willing to help complete a truly successful digital transformation journey.

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