How can you get value from the data in your city?

A city contains integrated ecosystems of people, processes and assets, with no single aspect of a city working in isolation. To make a city into a “smart city”, city managers need to have a view of the overall ecosystem, understanding interactions, interdependencies and knock-on effects when making interventions or introducing new services. But how are we supposed to decode this vast data space to make appropriate decisions? This is where [ui!] UrbanPulse comes to the rescue.

To gain a view of how the city works IoT sensors are increasingly being deployed to collect key data points such as air quality. These sensors give city managers a snapshot of a single system within a city. However, seen in isolation, this data can give an over simplified view of the systems working within the environment and is unable to properly model the interconnectedness of our cities, leading to unexpected consequences, inefficient budgets and a lack of confidence when taking actions. For example, an air quality sensor reports high levels of pollution, but the traffic management system didn’t report congestion. How can both be right, unless the weather data shows dense fog that trapped fine air particles?

By utilising [ui!] UrbanPulse, the city brings together all its data into one place, breaking down data silos to give a holistic view of the city. [ui!] UrbanPulse integrates the large amount of data generated from IoT systems including environmental, transport, lighting, waste, legacy systems such as geospatial databases and external sources such as government data, climate etc. This enables you to see your overall ecosystem, providing you with data driven basis for policy interventions, and can be used to improve and develop resilient city services. Stakeholder engagement and data visualisation are provided by our dashboard services in [ui!] COCKPIT.

The [ui!] UrbanPulse urban data platform includes our free library of over 75 IoT device and system connectors/APIs. The open architecture is aligned to DIN SPEC 91357. Our platform is a highly scalable cloud solution, based on Microsoft Azure, that collects, stores and processes data in real-time, enabling a wide range of solutions to be supported. [ui!] UrbanPulse is deployed in over 50 cities around the world including; Cologne, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Auckland, Oxford, Bad Hersfeld, and Darmstadt.

[ui!] UrbanPulse is available to cities on G-Cloud 12.