Help prevent visual hacking in the public sector

Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security, and we can prove it.

To help manage the risk of a data breach, IT managers often implement digital controls like authentication, encryption and firewalls. But what about confidential data visible on screens? Most IT leaders admit visual hacking is a significant risk for their organisation.

3M Privacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first line of defence from costly breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.

Did you know?

  • Public sector bodies have long been the target of attention for cybercriminals around the world, even prior to the advent of GDPR. Of all the ICO fines handed out since 2010, 54% have been levied against organisations from the public sector (1)
  • Human error causes almost a third of every data breach in the public sector (2)
  • The public sector is one of the top three industries with the highest percentage of data breaches caused by human error at 28% (3)
  • 89% of IT experts agree privacy filters are an easy to implement, first line of defence against visual hackers (4)
  • Government data breaches are 2.5 times more likely to remain undetected for a year or more than in the private sector (5)

Government departments work with a lot of confidential information

Unfortunately, smaller agencies and departments within government don't always have the budget for sophisticated IT measures, putting them at risk of visual hacking.

Since studies have shown that human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches in the public sector, it's important to arm your workforce with a privacy product that can protect your screens and the information on them.

Privacy filters help prevent visual hackers from seeing on-screen data from the side, while allowing the user to see the screen clearly from the front. With many people passing through government buildings, the opportunity for confidential information to be exposed on screen is high. A 3M Privacy Filter is an effective preventative measure against this (6).

Why should I use a 3M Privacy Filter?

3M’s innovative privacy filter technology prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.

  • Advanced microlouvre technology blacks out unwanted side views
  • Maintain a clear, crisp, full colour image
  • Available for most devices, brands and screen sizes
  • Help comply with the GDPR, as well as ISO27001
  • Multiple attachment options for monitors and laptops
  • Attaches easily and removes cleanly
  • Touch optimised options available to maintain the devices interactive touchscreen features

When it comes to protecting your data, use best-in-class “black out” privacy filters for the highest level of protection against visual hacking.

  • Zone of privacy, protection from just 30-degree either side for best-in-class security against visual hackers
  • Effective “black out” privacy from side angle views for total privacy rather than a blur / white out effect
  • Matte surface helps reduce glare while enhancing visual privacy
  • Screen protection, helps protect screen from everyday dust, knocks and scratches
  • Extensive range of filter types to suit your needs including black, gold, high clarity, framed, touch and anti-glare

Which is the correct filter for my device?

The quickest and most accurate way to find the correct filter for your device is by using the Privacy Product Selector Tool Simply enter the make and model of your device and the tool will tell you which filters are compatible.

What devices do you create products for?

The 3M privacy and protection range includes filters for over 50,000 devices, including laptops and desktop monitors in sizes from 11"- 49", plus various mobiles and tablets. The range also includes bespoke filters for numerous Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Google and HP devices.   

To learn more and help you find the right privacy filter, request a 3M Evaluation Kit, which features useful tips and advice, comparison tables to show the differences between each filter, and access to expert guidance to determine the best samples for your evaluation.

Help protect your screens and the confidential data on them with a privacy filter from 3M.


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