Health Assured

The new Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Eye Care Framework is live, and Health Assured are delighted to have secured our place as a supplier after a successful term on the prior framework agreement.

The agreement will provide you access to high quality providers who have been subject to due diligence and governance, providing peace of mind. Lot 3, the provision of Employee Assistance Programmes, will offer you access to confidential support for your employees on a wide range of work related or personal matters—matters that can have a serious impact on workplace performance, mental health and wellbeing.

During 2020 we gathered a great deal of interesting data on the sectors and industries most in need of our services. We found that:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government

were the three industries requesting the highest level of support via our employee assistance programme service, with anxiety, low mood, depression and relationship issues being among the top reasons for calls.

This was due in no small part to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Changing work patterns, mass layoffs and furlough meant a great deal of uncertainty, at all levels. And uncertainty breeds stress, anxiety and depression—disorders which account for more than 50% of all working days lost in the UK and Ireland.

That’s no small number. And it’s a number we aim to reduce, with our market-leading, complete health and wellbeing platform. An employee assistance programme from Health Assured is far more than the standard. It’s more than an employee benefit, and it’s far more than a box-ticking exercise for your organisation.

We bring value, integrity, excellence and respect to everything we do. And when you work with us to secure your people’s wellbeing, you get:

  • A 24/7, 365 helpline, with calls answered by experienced in-house counsellors, legal and financial specialists
  • As many as six sessions of structured counselling per person, per issue, per year, for your people and their dependants
  • Our My Healthy Advantage smartphone app and online personalised wellbeing content, including videos, webinars, mini health checks and health coaching
  • Enhanced, industry-defining digital services—counselling and advice via secure, confidential live text chat and video call, via our innovative app-based delivery
  • Ad-hoc services such as consultancy/clinical supervision, OH assessment and Structured Professional Support
  • Detailed, easy to use manager’s guides, along with a dedicated relationship manager to call on for advice on service usage
  • Reporting analytics, management information and organisational benchmarking via secure portals, for the app and our other services

How does an EAP benefit my organisation?

It’s simple. Incredible amounts of time and money are lost every single year due to presenteeism, absenteeism, and sickness absence caused by easily treated mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression.

Not all business owners and decision makers are aware of the great return on investment an employee assistance programme from Health Assured can bring. Our services can:

  • Reduce sickness absence—when you take proactive steps to head off mental health issues, you reduce stress. People are happier. And burnout is a thing of the past
  • Increase morale—as the EAP improves health, you’ll quickly begin to see better moods, more employees engaged, and more team cohesion
  • Improve reputation—an employer who cares for their people is far more likely to attract and retain the best talent

We can offer your organisation:

  • A 45% reduction in mental health-related sickness absences
  • An 18% improvement in staff turnover
  • A 30% drop in costs and expenses

Why Health Assured?

Health Assured is the UK and Ireland’s largest independent and award-winning employee assistance programme (EAP) provider. Every day, we offer specialist support to over 13 million lives. We aim high, and we achieve it. Our goal is 100% engagement—we want everyone in your care to use our service. We’re your healthy advantage.

“We are committed to supporting Contracting Authorities Personnel within all UK Central Government and ALB’s, Wider Public Sector and Charity Organisations through a holistic service that is both proactive and preventative. We want to support our clients on their own road map and beyond by supporting them with empowering their employees and creating a culture shift that embeds wellbeing into the workplace”

If you would like to discuss our services further, contact us right away for a consultation.