Hardstaff Barriers

Part of the Hill and Smith Holdings PLC, Hardstaff Barriers are a leading supplier of fully approved temporary and permanent concrete barriers, including road safety barriers for tested vehicle restraint systems, hostile vehicle mitigation solutions (HVM), perimeter fencing, concrete security barriers and access gates & accessories.

Product approvals include EN 1317, IWA 14-1 and PAS68 giving certified protection for various schemes around the UK and Europe.  

Established in 1993, Hardstaff Barriers design, deliver and install equipment for the public and private sectors.

With over 27 years’ worth of expertise and experience, and one of the most reliable and capable product portfolios on the market, delivering the solutions that industries require, whether it is vehicle restraint systems for the road network, airports, nuclear sector, construction sites.

Hardstaff also specialise in events, perimeter protection for vacant or vulnerable property, including fencing, hoarding and temporary structures. Whatever the situation, Hardstaff Barriers have a solution.

The Company offers a nationwide service incorporating the sale and/or rental of barrier units, in addition to a complete transportation and installation service employ a professional and award winning team of installers that are confident & competent in VRS installation using the latest equipment including Moffett mounted forklift trucks. Training includes SSSTS, NHSS 2B Product, ALLMI Crane Supervisor, ALLMI Slinger/Signaller, CPCS Plant & EFAW.

The Company has earned itself a reputation as being a market leader within the industry and are UK partners of REBLOC™, Pitagone™, SurfaceGuard™  as well as being the National Barrier Asset Contractor supporting events such as Royal Weddings and state visits on behalf of the UK Government with deployment of HVM.

Services offered include:

  • Site visits - A dedicated team can come to your site to advise and design various barrier protection options.
  • Delivery - Deliver barriers & accessories via fleet of HGV’s within 24 hours if necessary.
  • Emergency works - A team can be on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (subject to availability).
  • Installation, Relocation and Removal – A fully trained team available to adapt any scheme from start to finish.
  • Inspection & Maintenance - For long term installations and projects a team can carry out, if required, site inspections and maintenance on installations.

Products and solutions include:

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
    Hardstaff Barriers are capable of being reactive and delivering emergency deployments in response to terrorist threats; for example, Deployment of HVM around the ceremonial footprints in London and Windsor and protecting the River Thames Bridges by deployment of suitable HVM measures from a catalogue of solutions.
  • Concrete Barriers
    A full range of temporary & permanent concrete barriers are used in a variety of applications such as highway projects, construction, vacant property and events and with multiple accessories. These products include the Multibloc (TVCB), Maxibloc (THVCB), M.A.S.S and REBLOC.
  • Steel Barriers
    From the sister company ASSET VRS, a range of temporary steel vehicle restraint safety barriers are available as well as special low deflection permanent road safety systems, easy opening vehicular gates and crash cushions. Products include Varioguard and Zoneguard Plus.
  • Gates & Hoarding (access)
    For access control and perimeter boundary security and privacy gates and hoarding is available. Gates range from simple gallows gate to restrict vehicle access to hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that mitigate vehicle borne attack but allow authorised access. Hoarding includes a selection of panels constructed from traditional marine plywood or steel GRP with the option of branding that works alongside the Multibloc product to provide site privacy.

Industries supported include:

  • Highways
    Hardstaff Barriers are the leading supplier of approved concrete road safety barriers and vehicle restraint systems. With a range of Highways solutions that include Multibloc, Maxibloc, M.A.S.S and REBLOC for every type of scenario.
  • Construction
    Available are a range of products and solutions including securing construction sites as well as protecting people from road, rail or site projects
  • Event security
    Hostile vehicle mitigation solutions protect people and property from terror attacks. Hardstaff has supplied safety barriers at a range of high-profile events, including state visits and royal weddings.
  • Airports
    Hardstaff Barriers provide a multitude of safety solutions for use in the air industry for both air and land-side application. Including our BlastDefender product, selected as the product of choice by many airports around the UK.
  • Ports
    Utilising high visibility edge protection and delineation products to support port activities, keeping people and property safe. Pedestrian and vehicle segregation is a priority in these settings.
  • Nuclear
    A number of barrier system products are available that offer edge protection and delineation for nuclear construction projects. The company was also granted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) status in 2020.
  • Vacant Property Security
    Vacant properties are an easy target for squatters, thieves, arsonists and fly-tippers, so it is important security measures are taken into account to ensure the safety of commercial property and land. Not only in terms of access to the land itself but also access to the unit entrances too. Along with preventing vehicle access, if pedestrian security is also required then we have anti-climb fencing accessorises that can be added to our concrete blocks. Gates can also be added to allow authorised vehicle access too, as and when needed for owners or contractors etc.

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