Halspan Ltd

Quality fire safety solutions, built to last
For the past 25 years, Halspan has been protecting lives and buildings as pioneers in verified fire door safety products and services. Halspan’s commitment to excellence ensures compliance and instils peace of mind for stakeholders across the supply chain journey. 

Halspan® Verified fire door systems, incorporating fully certified door blanks, seals, and essential hardware, undergo rigorous testing to international standards. This meticulous approach ensures compliance with regulatory market requirements in over 65 countries. 

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with offices in London, Dubai and Delhi, Halspan is a world-leading supplier of fully certified fire door safety products for prominent buildings globally. 

Halspan’s comprehensive offering includes advanced fire safety management services, encompassing Halspan Tracker and Inspection Services.

The power of peace of mind

For those seeking reliable door products and services to keep buildings and occupants safe, Halspan is the answer. As a leader in fire safety, having Halspan at the core of a fire door is an assurance of quality and integrity. 
Halspan’s doorsets and door assemblies are made to last, adhering to the strictest testing procedures and the most stringent standards. With configurations covering an array of modes for all sectors, Halspan products set a new standard in the industry.

Seamless compliance & enhanced facility management

Halspan’s cutting-edge tools for managing door inspection and ongoing maintenance not only ensure legal and regulatory compliance, but also enhance facility management. Our PAS24 tested components offer robust security, making them suitable for Secured by Design applications. 

Working with Halspan, you get more than just products that consistently exceed global standards – you also benefit from swift, personalised customer service and expert technical support from staff who care about people and fire safety. 

Halspan Verified: A revolution in Quality Assurance
To support businesses and organisations in meeting their fire safety responsibilities, Halspan has introduced a trailblazing quality assurance scheme - Halspan Verified. Answering the call for a more joined-up approach to regulatory compliance, Halspan Verified ensures that every stage, from production and testing to specification, supply, fabrication, installation, inspection, and ongoing maintenance, complies with building regulations.

Halspan Verified provides:

  • A complete system of quality door components from one source.
  • A wide choice of door configuration options with a Product Selector tool.
  • Customised specifications in NBS and generic formats, CAD detailing, BIM models, and supporting literature resources.
  • Expert guidance on fabrication, installation, and maintenance for compliance.
  • Real-time verification using the Halspan Tracker asset management system, app, and Halspan® Smart Tag.
  • Fabrication, installation, and inspection/maintenance training from technical experts.


Halspan® Inspection Services & Halspan® Tracker: Leading the way in compliance

Halspan Inspection Services offers a comprehensive suite of services, leveraging extensive experience in fire safety compliance and utilising the innovative Halspan Tracker asset management system. Delivered by accredited inspectors, this nationwide service combines market leadership with cutting-edge technology, providing valuable solutions for complete peace of mind regarding ongoing compliance of fire safety assets.

Halspan® Inspection Services provides:

  • Use of the Halspan Tracker asset management system, featuring the Halspan Smart Tag.
  • The Halspan Tracker online asset management system that records and updates information about each Smart Tag.
  • Certified inspectors who utilise the Halspan Tracker app to scan Smart Tags, access quality assurance records, and conduct comprehensive inspections.
  • Digital records that comply with BS 8644-1 code of practice for digital fire safety information and management.
  • Contribution to the ‘Golden Thread’ approach, where all supply chain partners take responsibility for compliant, quality doors.
  • Efficiency and responsiveness aligned with the Halspan Customer Charter, recognising the time-critical nature of building fire safety compliance.


With 25 years of market leadership, Halspan is synonymous with trust, integrity, and expertise in fire safety compliance. The company’s unwavering commitment to transparency, comprehensive solutions, and innovative technology positions Halspan as the trusted partner for those seeking optimal fire safety outcomes in the public sector.

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