GoAudits is a UK-based technology company with global reach, headquartered just outside Windsor in Slough. They are transforming the way Public Sector, Central Government, Local Authorities, Health and Education organisations manage the paper trail on the field, enabling the mobile workforce to be more agile and productive. 

Paperless inspections and data collection
Frontline workers manually filing paper forms in the field, bringing them back to the office, scanning, uploading into a back-end system, tracking results on spreadsheets... Sounds familiar? Not only are these manual tasks time-consuming, but the risk for error and loss is considerable! 

Concrete savings within weeks
Local Authorities today are focused on digitisation to become greener, reduce time-consuming tasks and drive cost savings without impacting frontline services. GoAudits perfectly fits within this effort, with results visible within a few weeks: concrete efficiencies, savings, improved collaboration and ultimately better Public Services!

What is the GoAudits Mobile App & Platform?
The GoAudits mobile app and centralised Cloud platform is a user-friendly solution available on any phone, tablet or computer.

  • Custom digital checklists that meet all the needs of your organisation
  • User-friendly and intuitive mobile app that works even offline
  • Attach evidence photos directly from the device; add annotations, comments, time-stamps, geo-location, e-signatures and much more
  • Instant PDF reports: generate professional-looking reports within seconds, immediately share them with colleagues
  • Task Management: assign tasks to colleagues or teams, with alerts and reminders
  • Analytics & Dashboards: see trends, performance, recurring issues. Automatic summary reports for weekly/monthly/quarterly overviews
  • Scheduling: plan and assign audits in advance
  • Data storage: never lose documents again, with our secure and fully GDPR-compliant data storage in the Cloud
  • Affordable solution and visible results within just weeks

Who is GoAudits for?
Our solution increases efficiency and brings savings across different departments within the Public Sector that need to carry out inspections and standard checks. That may include:

  • Health & safety inspections
  • Workplace safety checks
  • Food safety & hygiene standard inspections
  • Public equipment and infrastructure maintenance
  • Compliance checks in local health & care facilities
  • Parks, playgrounds, parking and other facility inspections
  • Highways and Environmental inspections
  • Markets and local events safety and compliance
  • Cleaning, waste removal, pest control checks
  • ...and much, much more!

Try GoAudits today for FREE. We will even upload your existing checklists at no cost!

GoAudits is a user-friendly and intuitive solution available on Android, iOS and PC’s. We offer a free 14-day trial as well as free setup of your checklists, with plans starting at just £8 per user/month. 

Try our solution at no cost today. 2 options to get started:

  • Download the app: www.goaudits.com/government
  • Contact us for a free demonstration and setup. We will help you upload your existing checklists into the system, at no cost!

To find out more about us, visit our website.

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