The rise of cyber-crime and identity theft in recent years has reached levels that no responsible public sector organisation or business professional can afford to ignore.

The largest taxi company has no taxis, the largest hotel network has no hotels these are real examples outside the public sector where digitalisation has transformed the industry and is disrupting operating models of incumbent players.

Cybergig is a network of IT, Cyber and Cloud specialists who deliver your project and initiatives via our network of consultants with significant savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional solutions.

Hanover offers a consultancy service specifically designed to help the public sector address issues, create solutions and drive change and transformation projects.

Softworks provide Workforce Management Solutions including; Time & Attendance/Flexitime, eRostering, HR, Holiday and Absence Management.

Cenefits makes it easy for organisations to manage and assess the community benefits / social value that they've added to their contracts.

Avast Business provides integrated, enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for public sector organisations and local governments, SMBs and IT Service providers.

Learning Pool believes better-informed people power the most effective businesses. The company has a fresh approach to partnering with its customers.

Ulysses (UDMS Ltd), a leading software developer for the care industry, with 27+ years’ experience, specialising in providing IT solutions for 150+ customers throughout the UK.