Free up your Fridays with Re-flow job management software

Now that Re-flow is an approved G-Cloud 12 supplier for cloud software, hosting and support with our award-winning workflow management software, we can support both local and national public sector departments from roads highways and maintenance to landscaping and ground care.

Giving mobile and remote workers access to everything they need to complete their daily, weekly and monthly tasks via a smartphone app, significantly reduces the amount of management time required to keep them on track, which means you can free up a Friday!

We’re also a social distancing friendly option, as all communal paperwork is completed on personal devices and shared digitally, meaning no more documents being passed around and no need to swing by the office or depot to return any forms.

Re-flow for Public Sector Clients

The portfolio services for Re-flow Highways, groundcare and maintenance is designed to support and accelerate the IT transformation programme for councils and govt departments/agencies. Whether this is by introducing their first software solution to replace manual and paper-based processes, or simply overcoming the commercial constraints that have traditionally stopped public sector organisations making a full digital transformation, we are pleased to be able to assist the various requirements for a digital transformation . Our public sector services are secure, scalable and cost effective and we have to meet high standards of security and compliance to be an approved supplier on this framework.

Re-flow software is perfect for job management in:

  • Roads Highways and Maintenance
  • Landscaping and Ground Care
  • Traffic Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Fit-out and Maintenance

Why is Re-flow workflow management software ideal for managing remote workers across multiple public sector divisions?

The software works in 7 simple steps to give an end-to-end workflow solution:

1. Create jobs and tasks, add all information and send to workers on location.
2. Schedule users in the calendar and assign map locations to jobs.
3. Add digital forms and workflows, to ensure all paperwork is completed and processes followed.
4. Assign assets to jobs and users with scannable codes for tracking, maintenance and health and safety compliance.
5. Mark-up images, sign off forms and tag all submissions with time/date/location tags.
6. Produce quotes, invoices or accurat labour and material usage reports within the app using inbuilt calculators.
7. Receive information and produce reports to make data-driven decisions and improve costs, safety and efficiency.

Mike Saunders, Managing Director of Re-flow commented:

“Our services being made available on the Digital Marketplace is important to us for two key reasons. Firstly, that we can provide support the public sector, that will hugely benefit from our workflow management software, but also that we can help provide better value to the UK Taxpayer at a time when we need to make every penny count.”

Under our G-Cloud Agreement, we can provide:

Cloud Software (SaaS)

Replacing manual and paper-based processes with a system that works on a handheld device, regardless of whether you have signal or not. This means we can provide on-site access for field operatives to all job information, task lists, schedules, work plans and timesheets. Any HSE, HR or work forms that are required can be found on one app, from risk assessments to toolbox talks and more. This allows councils to manage SHEQ compliance and provide time, date and location information, as well as digital signatures, for any information submitted back to the office. See our Cloud Software Services on the G-Cloud


Re-flow software is a cloud hosted service, so we offer our software platform with hosting of your data on servers that are backed up multiple times per day on a 30 day retention policy and with 100% network uptime on the ISO certified, data centre complex in the UK. See our Cloud Hosting Services on the G-Cloud

Cloud Support

Support for our cloud services are offered via our ticket system – accessed through the Re‐flow dashboard – and by telephone. We monitor the Re‐flow system and our hosting services 24/7. Raising a ticket alerts the whole support team so you know your message has been seen and is being dealt with. See our Cloud Support Services on the G-Cloud

Take the transformation and Free your Fridays!

The recent public health crisis has pushed many public sector bodies over the technology tipping point and it’s transformed public services forever. Plans for digital transformations that may have been years off have been adopted early by all types of organisations and now, as we return to a more normal way of life, those that have embedded their new systems, such as workflow management technology, are poised to reap the benefits. If you’re in one of the bodies that are still considering their options, we invite you to have a live demonstration of the Re-flow software package and see how easily you could free up your Fridays.