Fotheringham Associates


Fotheringham Associates deliver business and IT consulting services supporting clients with their digital and business transformation. We are experts using enterprise and business architecture techniques to solve complex business and technology challenges.

We have a track record working across sectors and typically work to help clients shape and deliver change, mentoring internal staff to increase the capability of the organisations to continue their programme of work or to meet their next challenge. Our previous clients include:

Public sector:

  • London Borough of Lambeth
  • Cardiff County Council
  • Driver Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Redditch Borough Council

3rd sector:

  • National Children’s Bureau

Private sector:

  • Visa Europe
  • Lighthouse
  • Opus VL
  • Mosaic Island

Most consulting organisations are very keen to help you spend money on new technology. Whilst we can also do this, we are extremely good at helping you get more value from the technology that you already have.

Way of working
We operate an ‘associate’ model, using a network of skilled, experienced and trusted consultants that we blend together around the specific needs of your project, whilst retaining full accountability. Our approach to business means that we can build a flexible resourcing model that allows the work to be delivered at the pace that you require, based on your organisation’s dynamics, available internal resources and funding.

We also use a number of flexible commercial options that ensure that you maximise the investment you make with us, including drawdown approaches and risk/reward models.

In addition to bespoke engagements with clients we offer two component-based services via the G-Cloud 11 framework: Business Design & Technology Design.

G-Cloud 11 - Business Design
Our Business Design service provides you with the business architecture and change skills to understand, plan and implement your business transformation, evolving your operating model and maximising value from technology via Digital channels and Cloud. This service can also prepare your ICT service to be fit for the future. The service is composed of the following components that can be configured to a client’s particular needs.

Business strategy review: We will use a technique based on strategy maps and the business model canvas to articulate your value propositions and then check that you have the correct enablers in place to realise the revenue and cost targets that you expect. This is ideal for exploring the creation of shared services.

Current operating model review: Using industry standard techniques, we can review your current operating model against your stated strategy and objectives to assess the scale of change required.

Transformation opportunities: Based upon an understanding of your current operating model we can define the transformation opportunities and benefits that adopting Cloud computing options or embracing digital technologies could bring to your organisation.

Business case review: We can review your business cases and provide feedback on whether the expected target is likely to be achievable and to provide remediation recommendations to create a more sustainable business case.
Business impact of cloud solutions: We can outline the changes required your business that will be necessary to successfully access the benefits of cloud solutions. New roles, responsibilities, skills, integration and organisational change maybe required.

Target operating model (TOM): We will use a series of business architecture techniques to define the target state of your operations at a Service, Directorate or Organisational level.

Customer journey: We can help you understand and improve end to end customer journeys as an input into your digital and business transformation.

Change governance: We can design a governance process that spans the enterprise landscape, programme or project scope. The process will implement a business design authority activity that is both pragmatic and practical to ensure that the delivery of change follows the agreed path.

Sourcing Strategy: We can help define the best way of accessing the business and technology elements needed to deliver your change. This includes consideration of cloud and outsourced services.

Impact of Cloud on the ICT service: The ICT service will need to evolve to work with and help manage cloud solutions being added to the technology landscape. We will help build a new operating model (TOM) for your ICT service.

You can access the service via the Digital Marketplace here.

G-Cloud 11 - Technology Design service
Our Technology Design service provides you with a range of skills to understand, plan and implement change to your technology landscape. We can support you in consolidating complex ICT environments, planning and migrating to the Cloud, ensuring that your people and projects have the support they need to succeed. The service is composed of the following components that can be configured to a client’s particular needs.

Architecture roadmap, migration & consolidation: Using a detailed understanding of your technology landscape we will articulate an architecture roadmap that will seek to underpin your business ambition. This will typically highlight consolidation opportunities, rationalisation and migration options including to, or from, cloud systems.

Digital, Cloud service & technology selection: We can provide independent advice to support you in the selection of digital and cloud solutions ensuring that the requirements from your business ambition is considered along with the architecture principles that ensure alignment to your roadmap.

Technology (including Cloud) business case: We can assist in the building of comprehensive and robust business cases to support technology decision making. We can also provide an independent challenge to existing business cases.

ICT transition planning & management: We will define the implementation plan for your technology change, including the transition to a cloud-based solution. This may include trial periods or the management of a proof of concept. We can also manage your transition to a new technology platform.

ICT change governance: We can design a governance process that operates to guide your technology change at an enterprise, programme or project level, with pragmatism to balance delivery with strategic alignment. This can include the setup and operation of a Design Authority or Architecture Review Board.

Cloud integration design: Introducing cloud solutions can cause issues with the ability to share data within the organisation. We can help plan and implement integration strategies to mitigate this risk and ensure that you maximise the value of your cloud solution.

Programme or project architecture review: We can provide an independent review of your programme or project solution architecture at any stage of the lifecycle, whether you are using waterfall or an agile approach. We can assist with Cloud, or in-house projects as well as outsourced or supplier led work.

Development & coaching of in-house staff: We can design an architecture team that fits with your organisational and architectural goals. The design includes the production of role descriptions and competencies. We can assist in the recruitment of internal or external staff to permanent roles, or the supply of skilled resources either in a delivery role or as mentors.

You can access the service via the Digital Marketplace here.