False fire alarms on the rise: Do you require a solution?

More than 3,000 false fire alarms were maliciously triggered across England in 2017/18 – disrupting schools and businesses, placing unnecessary strain on our emergency services and reducing the confidence of the general public in fire alarms.

The latest Home Office figures reveal that; there were a total of 3,069 false fire alarms caused by a ‘malicious activation of fire call point/alarm’ in England for the period September 1 2017 to September 30 2018. This demonstrates an increase of 169 on the previous year – the highest figure seen for over 5 years.

Accidental activations also saw an increase during this period; 14,366 false fire alarms were recorded due to a manual call point being ‘accidentally or carelessly’ set off. A significant increase of 528 false alarms and again the highest number since 2012.

Continuing to be the largest incident type, false fire alarms accounted for 40 per cent of the incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England – fires accounted for just 31 per cent.

Costing the UK an estimated £1 billion a year, false fire alarms continue to be a major issue in 2019; but what can be done to prevent this number from growing further?

The Call Point Stopper® is a protective cover ideal for areas at risk of accidental activation. The clear UV-stabilised polycarbonate cover does not restrict legitimate operation of vulnerable call points, with a single hinge mechanism allowing for access in an emergency.

If in addition to accidental activation there is also a threat of malicious activation, whereby a call point is triggered in order to raise a false alarm, the Euro Stopper® provides a versatile solution. The tamper-proof Euro Stopper retrofits over call points, protecting against wayward sports equipment, stray shopping trolleys, misguided hospital beds and other causes of accidental activations.

If further protection is still required, the Universal Stopper® provides IP56 protection from the elements with a tough outer dome that can withstand the severest of knocks from any direction – a 96 dB sounder also defends against malicious activation.

For further information on how STI’s range of polycarbonate protective covers can help reduce the high number of false alarms, contact us by telephone or email or visit our website.

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