Ergochair and the easiSpec chair prescription system.

6.6 million days of lost production is an uncomfortable statistic.

Half a million workers are unable to work due to poor office seating making productivity impossible.

469,000 new or long standing MSKD cases were reported in 2017/18 according to the UK labour force service survey.

It is estimated at least 10% of UK office workers have very specific requirements in respect of postural needs as a direct result of musculoskeletal disorders (MSKDs) disability, trauma / medical conditions or extreme body measurements.

Only 1 item of office equipment interacts 100% with the user, having the power to directly influence posture, both positively and negatively...

The Workplace Chair.
Most seating manufacturers are only able to offer out-of-the-box products that prove a reasonable fit for just 60% of the population.

These chairs have a limited scope for adjustment and zero bespoke capability (especially for more specialised requirements).

At Risk
As many as 40% of office workers are at risk from using seating that is a poor fit, something now recognised as a major contributing factor in workplace related MSKDs.

Duty of Care
Vocational Rehabilitation is a major consideration in the workplace as all employers have a Duty of Care and are obliged to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate their employee’s needs.

Ergochair Ltd has been manufacturing bespoke work chairs for individuals with specific needs for over 14 years.

The UK outfit is acknowledged as the ‘Go To’ provider of bespoke seating solutions across Europe and beyond.

Staying in Work
Based in Yate near Bristol, the company works with all sectors of business to keep people in work & help people back to work.

Their UK network of dealers works with occupational therapists and physiotherapists to help specify bespoke and adapted work chairs that overcome many postural challenges that would otherwise prevent people from working.

Teaming Up
Ergochair’s team can also join forces with manufacturers and suppliers of office seating to help them fulfil a much wider brief, especially as a partner on a contract or framework agreement.

Ergochair Ltd are actively promoting the use of their unique EasiSpec® assessment software which can be used free of charge to assess the requirements of users and provide an accurate prescription for exactly the right specification - guaranteed positive result first time - every time.

Ergochair run regular training events at their Bristol offices for DSE assessors, occupational health team members, back care advisors and in-house assessment teams.

No two individual people are exactly the same, so neither are the chairs that we make to be able to achieve this, we have a unique specification system that you can use to create your perfect adapt chair prescription.

We call this system easiSpec®. With the personal measurements and unique dimensions, we have gleaned using the system we then manufacture a unique adapt® chair, personally specified by you, and made-to-measure to your exact individual requirements.

We have lots of experience of helping people with a range of postural problems and complex disabilities; we understand what you need and we’re great at providing it

We work with assessors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure absolute accuracy and to help fully understand your requirements

Your chair will even be supplied with the offer of having it installed with a full set-up service, to ensure you are happy from the outset

We are very proud to say that nobody else is able to offer this bespoke service

...But then no other company uses easiSpec to create an adapt® chair

Find us: Ergochair Ltd, Rainbow Court, Armstrong Way, Yate Bristol BS37 5NG

You can also get in touch with us by telephone or email or visit our website.

01454 329210

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