Engage Hub

Engage Hub is a real-time journey orchestration and cross-channel communications platform that delivers improved customer experience alongside operational efficiencies.

Engage Hub continually reinvests in R&D to ensure that it is delivering solutions to meet market demands, ensuring clients are optimising consumer engagement and enhancing customer experience. Our roadmap focuses on key developments in the areas of Customer Journey Tracking, Journey Orchestration and continuing to complement and grow our communications channels.

Recognised by Forrester in the Journey Orchestration Wave 2020, Engage Hub has also featured in their Real-Time Interaction Management, Cross-Channel Campaign Management and Mobile Engagement Automation reports. Using our orchestration platform provides our clients with a single view of key data across disparate systems, so they can confidently coordinate and automate journeys and engagements for each customer at scale.

Journey Orchestration

In any organization, customer data – and the ability to act on that data – is key when it comes to creating value. Retrieving, storing, and using data is at the heart of our platform capability. Our platform can effectively assist with data orchestration, accessing multiple client systems, streamlining backend processes and improving customer engagement, whilst delivering automated and personalised journeys.

We provide multiple ways for clients to integrate with us to ensure easy and reliable exchange of data. For many clients, we import and export files on a regular basis containing the customer record information and updates. Typically, this is done simply by exchanging .CSV files by SFTP. APIs are the most effective way to update records in real time – our suite of APIs provide clients with the ability to access and modify information in the platform at any time. Similarly, we can make web communications out to third-party systems either to obtain the most up-to-date information they can provide, or to update them with live information from the service.

Where more sophisticated interactions are needed, we can develop custom integrations between our platform and thirdparty applications to enable more complex exchanges of data. For example, keeping our platform continuously synchronised with a client’s CRM database (so changes in one system are immediately reflected in the other), billing system, inventory management set up, ERP capability, or any other databases or enterprise ICT system.

Customer Journey Tracker

As customer journeys become more complex, so too does meaningful data analysis. Our Customer Journey Tracker product suite gives you a visual representation of interactions at each vital touchpoint, so that you get real-time insight to improve journey automation and increase engagement. It enables you to map journeys allowing you to see your business from your customers perspective and how they interact.

Customer Journey Tracker brings together data from multiple sources, including third-party, online and offline systems. That way, you avoid information silos – and gain an accurate, holistic view of interactions across all touchpoints.

In our upcoming release this September, further development on Customer Journey Tracker will see the introduction of insights and an Insight Builder allowing our customers to define and track multiple journey success metrics specific to their needs, such as overall successful journeys and NPS.

Omni-channel orchestration layer

Engage Hub brings together a range of consumer engagement channels under a single platform – including timely SMS, voice, contextually relevant emails, Push Notifications, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, webchat and many others.

In addition to our existing channel portfolio, Engage Hub is continually building out new channels of communications such as Twitter, Instagram and Viber, to support marketing communications and customer service use cases, driven by our clients and their customers’ demands.

By continuing to integrate new channel capabilities, the Engage Hub platform will enable clients to ensure they are not only using the most cost-effective solutions, but also the most engaging channels to communicate on a relevant and personal level with their customer base throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, through ongoing engagement and support, thereby maximising loyalty and minimising churn.

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