Enabl AI – Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence

At Enabl AI, we provide solutions and services that utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to transform services and deliver real benefit. By making AI and automation capabilities accessible, organisations and departments can focus on what they do best – delivering great services and helping the public.

The potential of AI

Computing has advanced exponentially since its creation. Processing power is now able to handle huge volumes of transactions and, with the advent of cloud services, vast data sets can now be stored and interrogated at low cost.

AI technologies such as machine learning, where data sets are analysed to identify patterns and make predictions, have become affordable for organisations of all sizes. Global tech companies (such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services) have taken this forward on an industrial scale to put these AI capabilities in the hands of everyone. Services include image recognition, text comprehension and speech translation, and that is just scratching the surface.

In parallel, the past decade has seen a rise in the capabilities and popularity of automation platforms, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in particular. These platforms allow users to create software robots that automate simple processes allowing humans to focus on higher value activities.

The barriers to AI

Despite AI and automation being on many CIO’s strategic agendas in the public sector, most organisations have either struggled to achieve their target objectives or even to get started. Tools such as image recognition and automation platforms are impressive technologies, but they can only deliver benefits when they are effectively applied to address real organisational challenges. The question therefore becomes how to utilise the wide range of AI and automation tools available on the market and turn them into viable business solutions.

This requires several key activities: identification of the use case, selection of the right technology components, capability and capacity resourcing, design, development, testing, implementation, support, maintenance, and benefits realisation.

Individually these are all challenging undertakings, but in combination, can require a significant investment to effectively embed AI into the organisation.

The application of AI

To help our clients overcome these barriers we design, build, and offer pragmatic, useable solutions that focus on outcomes and benefits rather than just technology.

We have found that organisations can be offered technologies that are packed full of capabilities that will either never be used or that don’t deliver value to a particular organisation. Our approach is different. We work with you to understand your problem, select the right tools from the very best technologies available on the market, and ensure that our solutions are cost effective and deliver a fast return on investment.

Our aim is to accelerate our clients’ adoption of AI and subsequent transformation through solutions that are either simply configured or used as a starting point to build something unique.

Customer Engagement using AI

For example, our Intelligent Customer Engagement solution uses AI to identify when to proactively contact customers ahead of them getting into difficulties or to the point where they feel they have run out of options.

The aim is to enhance a customer, tenant or resident’s experience, making them aware of service options early to reduce the impact of issues they might face or be facing. Over time, the system learns from its interactions with customers to provide new levels of insight and improve its ability to provide rich, valuable interactions with those who are in need of support.

By replicating and enhancing services ordinarily provided by a customer service function allows humans to focus on the more complex situations that customers might face and other higher value activities. This unlocks benefits in terms of efficiencies, quality of service and productivity.

Why an SME?

Enabl AI’s solutions and services bring together technical expertise in the latest AI capabilities available on the market with business insight and considerable experience of delivering technology-led transformation projects in the public sector.

As an SME we offer many advantages. Our fees are more competitive than large-scale providers plus our approach is focused on the requirements of each individual client and achieving their target outcomes rather than just the technology platform. The nature of AI solutions often means that there is a need for an iterative approach to ensure it delivers for each individual organisation. As a result, flexibility, agility and responsiveness are essential. As an SME we can be adaptable and receptive depending on your unique needs.

Via the G-Cloud framework, we are able to offer our services to the public sector so that they can be selected, on-boarded, deployed and scaled-up or down with ease.

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