DX Network Services Ltd

DX is proud to be an approved supplier for the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) for both the Postal Services and Goods (RM1063) and Courier Services (RM1006) frameworks.

This allows government and public sector agencies easy access to a range of services, at the best rates – regardless of volume. Another advantage of choosing DX from the framework is the ability to “direct award” the contract, cutting out lengthy negotiations and approval processes, and the associated paperwork.

RM1063 Postal Services and Goods framework consists of Lot 1 Collection and Delivery and Lot 4 International Mail Service. Framework RM1006 Courier Services provides collection and delivery of Documents, Valuable and Restricted Goods for parcels up to 15kg, covering Lot 2 Next Day, Lot 4 Dangerous/Hazardous Goods, Lot 5 Secure Services, Lot 5, Sub Lot 1 – Valuable Goods, Lot 5, Sub Lot 2 Restricted Goods & Lot 5, Sub Lot 4 Documents.

DX is a leading independent mail, parcels and logistics end-to-end network operator in the UK and Ireland established in 1975, delivering approximately 200 million items in 2014.

With over 40 years’ experience in delivering time-critical and sensitive documents, DX are repeatedly chosen by some of the largest and best-known government agencies and healthcare organisations, across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

DX offers a range of services to ensure letters, packages and parcels are delivered securely and on time. A unique service that only DX can offer within the framework is DX Document Exchange; a next day members’ service which has been in operation for 40 years, providing the public and legal sector with the ability to send and receive items, via a dedicated network of collection and drop off points.

With over 25,000 members DX Document Exchange provides a critical link for the transfer of documents between department offices - as well as linking the public sector to other professional services. DX Document Exchange delivers a simple to use service with no need to stamp, frank or weigh your items, or complete any laborious manifests, making posting items quick and easy - and you can send parcels of up to 25kg to other members. You also get the added benefit of extended hours, enabling members to drop off post by 5pm and still have it delivered by 9am the next day.

This service falls under frameworks RM1063 and RM1006 and provides a private business-to-business specialised network that delivers a fast, trusted, fully tracked and secure delivery service.

Given the sensitive and confidential nature of the items that are handled, DX are the only CCS approved supplier to fully vet in excess of BPSS Cabinet Office Guidelines. DX maintains stringent security and vetting protocols to ensure the integrity of documents and packages throughout the DX network, which is why DX is also the preferred provider of the UK Government and foreign embassies for identity documents and visas.

DX are also a trusted and proven supplier with health organisations, with 97% of all pharmacies using DX every day for their deliveries across the UK, along with some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical suppliers, including the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

Since 1998, DX have been running lab-to-lab consignments to support the patient diagnosis process, sending legal documents between in-house departments and the outside world, delivering patient records to hospitals, surgeries and residential addresses, and making sure urgent medical supplies get to hospitals the next day.

DX is a trusted next-day courier of Category B specimens and pre-booked Category A Same Day specimens – transporting over 635,000 biological samples per year in compliance with the industry’s highest regulations. Complying with IATA regulation for PI 620/650, DX’s work is independently audited 12 times a year by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.

As well as deliveries, DX also offer a collection service, attending household brands; and provides a prescriptions returns service to the National Pharmacy Association.

DX continually invests in the network to stay one step ahead of other carriers in the market, to provide more solutions for our customers. With over £40 million already invested, DX’s latest investment in Gnewt, a zero emission courier company has seen the launch of electric vehicles in central London to help DX cut its carbon footprint, whilst maintaining the best level of delivery service.

Along with the highest level of security and service, DX also offer dedicated Customer Relationship Managers for all our accounts, providing you with a central point of contact to help you with any account or service queries.

DX recognises that the Postal Services and Goods (RM1063) and Courier Services (RM1006) frameworks can make it difficult to understand which service is most suited for your business needs, and are happy to help you find the best service for your needs.

Contact DX today to speak to a member of the team and see how DX’s unique services can benefit your organisation.

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