Delotas Ltd

Delotas specializes in Data Centre and Server room cleaning, ensuring compliance with ISO 14644-1 (2015) and the four fundamental rules for cleanrooms. Our goal is to reduce risk, save money, and maintain reliability for your organization.

Do you suffer with?

  • Equipment failure
  • Downtime
  • Short equipment lifespan
  • Increased energy costs


Ignoring Particle Contamination. 

This contamination, often invisible to the naked eye, doesn't always necessitate IT technician repairs, making it easy to overlook in Data Centres and Server Rooms. Dust, composed of minerals, chemicals, and organic materials, negatively impacts IT equipment's reliability and lifespan. Conductive particles, such as oil, water, and metals can cause issues such as; circuit board shorts, corrosion, equipment failure, data loss, and reduced efficiency. Within two years, such contamination can cause irreversible damage to electronics and electromechanical components. Effective room cleaning and contamination prevention practices as part of your PPM are therefore crucial to avoid these issues. Failing to have your Data Centre cleaned can invalidate your manufacturer warranties, insurance as well as increasing the risk of downtime and energy costs. 

Effects of Particle Contamination:

  • Mechanical Effects: Obstructed cooling airflow, interference with moving parts, abrasion, interconnect interference, and surface deformation.
  • Chemical Effects: Dust on printed circuit boards can lead to corrosion and electrical short-circuiting.
  • Electrical Effects: Impedance changes and electronic conductor bridging.


A critical system failure can occur when a particle lands on a circuit board across two points and becomes positively charged, causing an arc. This leads to a closed circuit and potential system failure. Regular cleaning helps prevent these issues.

Costs of Downtime: 

IT downtime costs businesses an average of £3.6 million annually. Technical faults can cost £4,300 or £258,000 per hour, with 545 hours of lost staff productivity each year due to IT outages. This results in over £7,500 lost per employee annually, with companies spending 200 minutes resolving each incident. This costs an average of £860,000 in lost revenue.

Benefits of Regular Data Centre Cleaning:

  • Reduces downtime
  • Saves up to 5% on energy costs, benefiting finances and the environment
  • Ensures compliance with manufacturer warranties
  • Meets insurance policy requirements
  • Complies with ISO standards
  • Increases equipment lifespan