Cybergig is a network of IT, Cyber and Cloud specialists who deliver your project and initiatives via our network of consultants with significant savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional solutions.

Specifically designed to meet the cost improvement needs for the public sector whilst ensuring quality of delivery and outcomes. Our model strips out the normal costs of traditional delivery methods and replaces them with a risk/reward model that could potentially deliver significant savings to you.

Cloud resource improvement

UK Government departments are finding themselves battling with resourcing issues for their projects and initiatives, as we move to cloud centric environments. Our cloud resource improvement delivers all your resourcing needs on a flexible, fixed term or permanent basis to aid the delivery of your projects and initiatives whilst generating significant savings in the process of doing so.

Here at Cybergig we offer a unique and truly alternative solution for your cloud resource improvement needs. Our alternative service model is supported by a clear methodology, to tackle all your additional resourcing needs (Permanent, Temporary and Contractor) to support your cloud roll out, IT or Project Initiatives, and development. We are not just churning out “the same old same old”, we are looking at working in collaboration with you to achieve significant savings whilst delivering a more effective and professional service.

We propose to meet your requirements, for each role, or group of roles by understanding some crucial elements in order for us to fulfil your requirement effectively:

  • The current arrangement- is the role being carried out by a contractor, is someone leaving or is this a new requirement?,
  • What is the expected salary going to be- How does this compare to the market?
  • How urgent is the role,
  • What are the key requirements of the role and how they need to comply with the capability matrix.

Once we have understood these elements we will then; use our tools to see exactly who is available and meets your criteria, work with you to shortlist individuals and get responses to applications, coordinate interviews and feedback, validate any aspects (references, clearance, etc...) and Identify the best individual for the role.

How we will save you money

Traditional Resourcing
A traditional model would take the annual salary of the role you require and charge a mark-up. (the average is 21.95%) - Recruitment Confederation 2018 report. On a role at £30,000 the fee would be £6,585.


We charge a flat fee of £750 upon delivery of suitable options.  Once you engage with one (or as many as you like) we charge a further 20% of the savings we deliver to you.  i.e.  on a £30,000 role our fee would be  £750 flat fee plus 20% of the savings delivered ( Your traditional route cost – Our £750 fee) which in the example above is £1167 giving a total of £1917 – or a saving £4668 or a 71%.

These figures are also the same for contractors and we can provide evidence of expected savings as per your need.

Our Differences

Most traditional recruitment agencies and specialised internal job boards i.e. NHS jobs/ Public Sector Jobs, all rely on advertising to active job seekers which is a problem as organisations have a significant cost in using these portals i.e. NHS Jobs costs and this only accounts for 20% of the UK workforce at a given time. Meaning that you are missing out on the 80% of those who have the skills and experience you require but are not actively seeking new opportunity (the passive market).

Prior to starting work on every single role we can provide you with a free full workforce  report that details exactly how many people are actively looking and the size of the passive market with 35 miles of your workplace or on a national scale for contactors, to provide the comfort that we are able to deliver for your needs.

We then fully headhunt on your behalf, people who are both actively looking and those who passively may be interested in your opportunity.

Improved quality

Gone are the days of having to spell out to a recruiter exactly what it is you need. Here at Cybergig you only deal with proven project managers, Experts, Teachers, IT and people with a professional background in the skills and experience you need. This way ensures you only received fully peer reviewed candidates that have been sense checked by another professional, no more time wasting.


Our service also carries out all relevant compliance and government checks. As standard we work to MOD and NHS standards for references, right to work, DBS, SC, DV etc.

However, we can fit into any process that works for your HR

Supplier Profiles

SA Group

SA Group is a Cyber Security, P3M and Technical consultancy working in vital Public Sector market

Mitra Innovation

Mitra Innovation was formed to provide end-to-end technology solutions to our clients – drawing f