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Content Guru makes engagement easy. A global leader in cloud communications solutions, Content Guru delivers off-the-shelf and bespoke citizen engagement and cloud contact centre services, through the multi-award-winning storm® platform.  

Europe’s largest Customer Engagement and Experience platform, storm, brings together intelligent automation, third-party systems integration, and on-demand scalability to enhance all citizen communication functions. With true omni-channel engagement capabilities, storm gives organisations the power to create consistent and seamless experiences for citizens, inspiring loyalty and powering success.

360 Citizen Engagement

Today’s citizens expect to be able to contact public sector organisations from any channel, at any time, and from any location, and receive the same exceptional service standards as they do from private sector companies. storm gives public sector organisations the opportunity to offer their citizens an always-on, omni-channel communications service. With 360-degree reporting and contact journey mapping capabilities, storm ensures that citizens receive a seamless interaction experience, whilst allowing public sector organisations to optimise their contact handling service.

Flexibility in the Cloud

A true-cloud solution, storm grants organisations the flexibility to seamlessly move their agents into homeworking environments at a moment’s notice. With industry-leading security and compliance tools built in, all agents need to continue delivering fantastic service standards remotely is an internet enabled device. Its cloud-based architecture also provides storm users with access to unlimited scalability, enabling them to expand their services to handle spikes in demand, and only pay for what they use, when they use it.

Thousands of Bespoke Integrations

storm can integrate into any third-party system, database, or remote information store. This enables organisations to use big data to drive effective service decisions, and streamline their communications systems into one unified interface.

Through its versatile Application Programming Interface (API) and its open standards architecture, storm enables easy, secure integration with over 100 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, including Microsoft Dynamics®,®, Oracle RightNow®, as well as the cutting-edge storm Customer Knowledge System®. With a streamlined CRM integration, a citizen’s interaction history and enquiry data can be delivered to an agent in the form of a screen-pop before they take on the contact query. This allows agents to personalise each and every citizen interaction, reducing citizen frustration, and improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates.

Cutting-Edge AI and Artificial Intelligence

storm's AI and intelligent automation capabilities are now available for discovery on Spark DPS. By automating low-skilled or repetitive tasks using storm’s built-in artificial intelligence tools, public sector organisations can enhance their agents’ performance, and working experience. With AI options ranging from chatbots to advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality, storm allows organisations to improve their contact centre efficiency, by liberating their agents to handle complex queries, whilst reducing costs, and providing their citizens with instant access to information at any time, and through any channel.

Chatbots are a type of AI designed to simulate conversation with human users. By detecting key words in a citizen’s enquiry, they provide the most appropriate, accurate, and relevant automated response. Content Guru’s AI chatbot helps to enhance the skills and achievements of human agents by liberating them to focus on more complex issues, and to service priority or vulnerable citizens. In combination, chatbots and human agents allow an organisation to provide the best service possible, whilst reducing contact centre costs.

Image Recognition (IR) is a form of AI which recognises entities within pictures, and makes automated recommendations as a result. Based on visual information, Content Guru’s AI functionality automatically generates an appropriate response, leaving agents free to answer more complex queries. Content Guru’s AI offering allows image-based judgements to be seamlessly incorporated into the citizen contact journey, aiding routing decisions, filtering images, and gathering relevant information before transferring it to an available agent.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a form of AI that analyses natural dialogue to draw contextual meaning, and in doing so, understand language the way that humans do. In the contact centre, NLP can transcribe speech to text automatically, supporting compliance with stringent industry regulations. This functionality also provides agents with relevant data on demand, reducing information discrepancies, and ensuring a fully-connected contact journey can be delivered for every enquiry.

Rich Functionality

storm is an evergreen solution, with a rich functionality set that is continuously being developed, and which can be deployed using an agile, staggered approach. This allows organisations to update their contact centre services with the technology they need, as soon as they need it, without having to commit to large deployment investments up front.

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