Consult Hyperion

Consult Hyperion provides expert advisory, technical consulting, software development and certification services to organisations and governments across the globe.
We identify opportunities that arise from new technologies, changes in regulation and evolving customer attitudes, so our clients can deliver new services and ensure current services are secure and resilient.   Our work enables our clients’ consumers to know their payment, identity and fare collection transactions are safe and that their personal information is secure.

We define, design, develop and deploy, providing services that include:

  • Strategy, Due Diligence and Business Modelling
  • Roadmapping, Market Analysis & Landscape
  • Procurement Support & Vendor Management 
  • Software Development & Testing – Prototyping, Proof of Concept
  • Requirements Analysis – Technical Specification & System Architecture
  • Structured Risk Analysis

Our advice is based on real experience. Everything we do is grounded in real problems that we can provide real solutions for. With backgrounds in electronic transactions, all transit fare media, information security, risk management, data privacy and cryptography, we have been intimately involved in projects that have changed the way people live, travel and work on a daily basis. Over 2.5 million journeys, or more than half of all of Transport for London’s (TfL) pay-as-you-go journeys across all their bus, tube and rail services are paid for at the faregate every day using a contactless payment card, transaction models, technology and practices defined by Consult Hyperion.

Consult Hyperion is impartial and industry serving. Our Tomorrow’s Transactions thought leadership platform offers insights from across the industry through regular webinars, blogs and podcasts. We publish the ‘Live 5’ annually giving clients foresight into trends that will shape our world over the short, medium and long term. Our founders are recognised globally for their thought leadership.

We believe in a world that allows individuals and organisations to interact with each other, in the knowledge that their financial data and personal information is accurate and safe.