Colour LED displays bring enhanced functionality to Real Time Information Systems

EPI4, the transport specific Content Management System (CMS), designed to deliver real time information to public transport users, is now driving information on colour LED displays at sites throughout the country.

Available to local authorities through the G-Cloud 12 framework, the CMS from Journeo has been successfully supporting public transport infrastructure by displaying scheduled and real time departure information on connected TFT and traditional orange-LED displays for in excess of 15 years. The latest iteration of the cloud-based software has now been expanded to deliver the full set of unique features available from the CMS to colour LED displays, too.

Saff Riaz, National Sales Manager for Journeo comments, “Our first project with colour LED displays was for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM). They have been a user of our EPI4 CMS for over a decade and were keen to retain the data management and dynamic messaging functionality that our content management system provides.”

The project entailed upgrading over 60 double-sided Birmingham City Centre (BCCI) totems from orange-LED to new colour LED displays. The project was made more complex because the original hardware and totem bodies had been provided by another supplier.

Saff goes not to say, “We are best known for using ruggedised TFT displays with our content management system; our customers have valued the ability of being able to provide the travelling public with additional information through bespoke templates. We are able to reinforce authority branding whilst simultaneously adding more functionality, such as dynamic messaging on different areas of the display, supporting media content and advertising campaigns. Previously, with traditional orange LEDs, it was not possible to deliver that functionality. With our new colour LED displays, that have a denser pixel pitch, we are able to deliver the functionality our customers value.”

The project to upgrade the 60 double-sided displays and subscribe them to the cloud-based system went smoothly, with all displays seamlessly provisioning on to the platform. The timing for delivery could not have been better, with frequent timetable changes as a result of COVID-19 and high levels of roadworks in Birmingham City Centre, the CMS and new displays have been delivering messaging to residents to advise them of stand changes and timetable alterations.

Saff finishes, “The new displays have been a fantastic success, to the point were we are expanding our range to include stretched, in-shelter colour LED displays and bus stop flags, all driven from our cloud-based CMS, EPI4.”