Cloud Solutions Provider Synergi Saves Scottish Fire & Rescue Service 10,000 hours p.a. by Digitising Processes

Introduction to Synergi

Synergi is a next-generation 'born in the cloud' technology partner working with public sector organisations across the UK. We work with the world's leading digital transformation partners, who support our goal of providing best in class digital solutions to the public sector. Synergi is an approved G-Cloud supplier.

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Providing the Public Sector with the technology to work smarter, together.

We help organisations transform their business processes with automation, saving time and money for our customers.

Reducing costs and enhancing staff productivity are high on the agenda for many organisations in the public sector, and we’re here to help.
Our Work with Scottish Fire & Rescue

The Challenge

  • SFRS is the world’s 4th largest fire and rescue service
  • 8000 staff to serve Scotland including remote, rural communities
  • Manual processing of employee and payroll data was slow, cumbersome and prone to inaccuracies – generating 3,000 spreadsheets
  • SFRS Required a digitised solution to streamline and improve the process

The Solution

  • Digitised and automated payroll processes
  • An easy to adopt and maintain mobile app solution combined with advanced workflows to support the entire timesheet process
  • Integration with profile and role data in HR to accurately calculate monthly pay

The Results

  • 10,000 hours saved per annum in manual data manipulation
  • Limited payroll errors and improved accuracy
  • Improved employee experience, providing visibility on pay

“Our firefighters are overwhelmingly positive about the solution … it’s very intuitive … and allows them to be paid correctly and on time” - Stuart Chalmers, SFRS

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Our work with Yorkshire Water

The Challenge

  • Yorkshire Water (YWS) ensures that 5.2 million people living in the region have clean safe drinking water on tap
  • The challenge was a complex, complicated, time and labour intensive escapes process
  • This process relied on physical visits, manual paper-driven forms and re-keying of data into isolated spreadsheets

The Solution

  • Synergi worked with YWS to understand the challenges and processes, then map and define the current and future processes
  • The Escapes App was designed to digitise and streamline the entire process, from initial alert, through investigation and data capture phases, to reporting and collaboration with the Environment Agency and regulatory bodies

The Results

  • £100,000 p.a. saving
  • £millions in reduced penalties
  • Lowered response and investigation times coupled with a better understanding of escapes has lead to a positive environmental impact


“Working with Synergi on this project has been a pleasure, they took time to understand and map our existing process and the process we wanted to implement. This allowed us to work closely together through the development of the Escapes App solution. Through the development made multiple changes to enhance the solution and the team at Synergi displayed a real can-do attitude in implementing these into the end product.”

Read the full case study

Empowering the UK’s public sector to embrace digital

The public sector in the UK faces unprecedented challenges and changes as a result of Britain’s transition away from the EU and the impact of COVID-19. Now more than ever, these organisations must deliver more for less, and meet expectations from citizens and employees that have never been higher. This has prompted many to urgently identify the opportunities for automation, as well as the technological components to deliver it.

Immediate opportunities exist across the spectrum of common processes and procedures that public sector organisations must provide across the front and back office. Dealing with Complaints, Freedom of Information and Ministerial Correspondence. Streamlining of Contracts management. Processes relating to Stakeholder and Citizen engagement, Grants management and corporate policy, to name but a few.

Reduce repetitive data re-keying

Mobile apps and forms allow workers to log detail rich information onsite or on the go, with no need to rekey later. Additionally, by facilitating the utilisation of apps and creation of forms remotely, processes are no longer stalled by individuals lack of presence in the office, opening up more flexibility in working styles.

Automate consistent documentation

By using automated document generation tools, organisations can ensure that any documentation created uses the same template and branding and contains any mandatory information. Not only does this save time that might have been used reformatting or recreating other documents, it also facilitates the creation of consistent, compliant, and brand appropriate documentation.

Sign documentation on-the-go

By keeping processes in motion, tasks can be achieved more efficiently, leaving less need for overtime to complete projects. E-signature is an important tool in achieving this forward motion within operations as it allows key figures to sign off or send back documentation from anywhere, on any device.

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