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Your residents rely on you to keep traffic moving safely and efficiently. Operating within an era of austerity, this has never been more challenging. Clearview Intelligence can help you meet the needs of your road users with award-winning solutions on safety, traffic flow, road usage, signal control and parking.

With 40 years’ experience in supporting local authorities, we know how to keep traffic flowing and enhance safety. Our breadth and depth of expertise mean we are experts in recommending the best solution to the issues you face. Whether that be how to reduce congestion, combat persistent speeding, improve parking or enhance safety where cyclists and motorists share the same space. We have a range of products and many partners that can be combined to achieve the outcome you need.

Enhance safety where accidents are most likely to happen.

Route safety solutions positively influence driver behaviour to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. Strong visual guidance alerts drivers to potential hazards in the road ahead and equips them with information to help them stay in the correct road position to avoid incidents. Whether the problem is on a country road or at a busy roundabout, we have a range of solutions at our disposal that, when combined effectively, will significantly reduce the risk to drivers on your network.

Solutions that improve safety for drivers at dangerous junctions

Junctions pose a greater threat to driver safety than straight roads—they are there to allow traffic to merge and drivers to change direction. This will inevitably lead to dangers.

Such dangerous scenarios can be mitigated with dedicated solutions designed to improve junction safety. Visual guidance placed directly in a driver’s natural line of sight will alert them to changes in the road layout ahead and when they are approaching junctions connecting to their path. Similarly, signage that alerts drivers to hazards in the road ahead will equip them with the warning they need to stay out of harm’s way.

Journey Time Information

Journey Time data is a critical asset in the road operators battle to keep the traffic flowing, reduce congestion and manage incidents on the road. This intelligence aids operators in analysing and identifying bottlenecks within the network, monitoring roadworks and informing drivers of free-flowing traffic or potential congestion spots to enable them to make informed decisions on the route they take. Clearview’s Journey Time Monitoring application is a flexible solution that empowers road operators to monitor the flow of traffic on their network and respond accordingly. The system can be deployed quickly to manage events, roadworks, and associated diversions, allowing you to keep road users updated with mobile Variable Message Signs.

Wireless Vehicle Detection

Making vehicles visible to on-street or central traffic control systems is vital to the smooth running of our road networks. Wireless vehicle detection informs the phasing of traffic signals, access control solutions deployed at transport hubs, advanced hazard warning systems and other road safety schemes. Wireless vehicle detection holds extensive benefits for improving the day-to-day flow of traffic. It also has advantages in its noninvasive installation and low maintenance requirements. Adaptive traffic signal control systems such as SCOOT and MOVA offer great advances in the way that individual junctions and whole networks can be optimised, working together to smooth the flow of traffic across an area.

If you optimise phasing at certain junctions according to demand observed at different points in your network, you can prioritise the flow traffic to better manage the volume. This puts you in a position to readily disperse traffic across the network in a way that minimises driver frustration, keeping traffic moving.

Empowered parking

For local authorities, access to predictions or even live-feed information about parking capacity makes a huge difference to drivers, shoppers and visitors. It enables them to plan journey times, make alternate arrangements, find available spaces quickly and travel to a schedule that works best for them. Our car park solutions integrate seamlessly with variable message signs (VMS) to provide real-time information to drivers along their journey as well as provide valuable usage data to the car park teams.

Event Diary

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