Circular Computing

Circular Computing has been at the forefront of IT remanufacturing since its inception. In fact, we are the first company to pioneer such an approach to laptops and we now supply the world’s first remanufactured laptops. We set out on a mission with a simple thought: How can we remanufacture a laptop to be ‘like new’?

For us, ‘new’ meant not simply a cosmetically improved finish, but an intense focus on the performance and reliability of the laptop. This was truly innovative activity, but one we felt assured we could achieve with real focus.

Plans for the construction of the world’s first remanufacturing facility began from here and Circular Computing initiated several research and development journeys to define the ‘how’ and, as of 2021, we have progressed and perfected our unique 360-point remanufacturing process. Our remanufactured premium-brand HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops not only deliver a product with 97% performance of the latest new models but also an RMA of less than 3%.

To quote an objective study from Cranfield University: ‘It is fair to conclude therefore that enough evidence is provided to consider Circular Computers, alongside new computers, as part of a core IT strategy, not only for the economic benefits but also for the sustainable ones.’
This is not second-user equipment as you have experienced before; the remanufacturing process goes above and beyond the norm to give a premium-grade second-user product that looks and performs like new, all whilst ensuring carbon-neutral processes.

There are a plethora of sustainability reasons to purchase a Circular Computing remanufactured computer, but we know that accomplishing these sustainability goals would be impossible if our products could not deliver quality and reliability comparable to new. We set about making our carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops the best performing second-user products in the world.

Additionally, we partner with reforestation projects OneTreePlanted and WeForest and plant five trees for every laptop we produce. This too is part of our core values and mission. The forests that Circular Computing are helping to restore will not just offset carbon pollution but also help to alleviate poverty through income diversity for the poorest communities, and restore soils, water and biodiversity.

These achievements would not have been possible without our provision of world-leading products that we and our customers believe in. Our diverse client base from across multiple sectors is testament to the flexibility and the relevance of our unique IT solutions.