Cenefits makes it easy for organisations to manage and assess the community benefits / social value that they've added to their contracts.

Community benefits / social value are clauses added to a contract to provide wider social benefit, like:

  • Targeted Recruitment
  • Targeted Training
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Community Engagement

They are used by public sector organisations, including:

  • Government Departments
  • Local Authorities
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Health Boards / CCGs
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies

With Cenefits you can:

- Automate the collection of evidence and scores for the community benefits / social value delivered in your contracts, saving you time and money.

- Automate the validation of answers provided for your main contract deliverables, like sustainability and fair work questions, making sure you don't lose track of the details.

- Filter and download reports about contracts and community benefits / social value to help you understand your social impact, answer elected members and celebrate successes.

- Share access to a national platform, where no matter how many organisations they are working with, suppliers have a single login for each user and a standard way of inputting data.

- Interact with your data both in the office and on site, via our responsive web interface and our native Android and iOS applications.

We charge an affordable monthly fee for Cenefits, which scales with the size of your organisation.

It is available to buy under the UK Government’s G-Cloud 11 framework.

We can set up a free 1 month trial for your organisation the same day you request it.

Cenefits’ development has been funded by Wildcat Applications, and by The City of Edinburgh Council and Glasgow City Region City Deal (and its eight constituent local authorities) both of whom are using it to manage community benefits / social value in their live contracts.

You can read more about Cenefits on our website and watch a short overview video.