Burland Technology Solutions

Burland Technology Solutions established in 1993 and based in Suffolk since 2008 provide innovative, high-quality power data and audio-visual connectivity for offices, educational establishments, hospitals, data centres and retail stores.

We are fully aware that no two projects, clients, or buildings are ever the same and do not believe that one size fits all. It is this that differentiates us for many others in our field. We ensure that only appropriate products that satisfy a clients’ needs, safely, neatly, and in an aesthetically unobtrusive way possible are used. Whilst we are a#ble to rapidly satisfy orders, our experts would encourage you to talk to us first to ensure the most appropriate product selection.

The vast majority of our products are designed in house and we utilise sub-contract manufacturing facilities in the UK and overseas. Many of our ranges are held in stock in large volumes for next day delivery.

For offices we supply under desk and on desk power, data, and USB charging devices as well as workstation ergonomics in the form of monitor support arms.

For fit out projects and design and build projects we supply products that satisfy the whole power chain. This includes under floor power track, floor boxes, access grommets as well as outdoor IP67 and IP 54 service consoles. The latter suitable in for numerous applications including sport halls, shopping centres to name a few

Recent events have stimulated us to diversify from our traditional offerings, seeing us enter the market of workplace hygiene. Our products in this field cover the area of personal protection against airborne pathogens whilst in the workplace as well as technology to disinfect and destroy workplace airborne pathogens. The principle technology involves titanium dioxide activated by LED lamps. These light fittings are indistinguishable from existing recessed LED office lights but they have a high efficacy the destroying airborne pathogens. This technology is safe and has approvals for use within the NHS. In addition, we are marketing UVC sterilization lamps for use in the care home sector for post-mortem cleansing, providing a safe work environment for care workers as well as a reduction in ongoing infection risk two other patients.

Being innovators in our field we have a number of product ranges that allow custom solutions which enable us to satisfy any individual requirements. Please do get in touch with any connectivity issues.

Burland operate throughout the globe and have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Export (2016) and Innovation (2019).