Building Back Better with C

With recent announcements from the Prime Minister and the UK Government on initiatives to build the UK economy through a better and greener industrial revolution, public and private sector organisations are increasing the adoption of digital technologies to make their operations more efficient and productive, thus generating significant cost savings to ensure long term sustainability.

Ctrl Hub is a technology company that provides a digital operations management platform to support safe and efficient management of your workforce, assets, projects and service & maintenance activities from a single secure portal, available on any internet-enabled device. The platform is cloud-based and can be fully integrated with any third-party software via:

  • A fully-featured REST API
  • Real-time event publication and consumption
  • An integrated development Software Development Kit (SDK)

What sets us apart is that we take a very collaborative approach to working with our customers and other software providers, thus being your technology partner for your digital transformation requirements.

Our core ethos is based on a desire to solve problems, mainly risk and inefficiency. Ctrl Hub continuously evolves and scales with your organisation, as opposed to having a static software product.  We can add new features, forms, workflows – even modules – very quickly, to allow you to customise the platform to fit your organisation and business needs.  No cheats and no workarounds. The flexibility and versatility of the platform enable its application across multiple sectors.  

Through our agile platform and working methodologies, we deliver business transformation projects in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional enterprise resource planning systems.

The Future of Operations Management is Digital

We have invested significant time and money in constructing the architecture for maximum agility and low-cost deliverability. 

We believe that this is where our client requirements are moving towards.  Organisations are moving away from bulky, expensive and inflexible “off the shelf” products, because they want a malleable solution around which they can mould their processes rather than being forced to shoehorn their processes into rigid systems. 

Ctrl Hub’s ability to adapt and react to fast-changing workplace and regulatory environments provides its clients with a huge competitive advantage.  Our clients are organisations within a variety of industries in public and private sectors, where facilities management, contractor management and service & maintenance activities are essential parts of revenue generation. Key drivers in these sectors are:

  • Improvement of work and asset management processes through improved productivity, reduced cost, simplification and removal of manual workarounds
  • Improvement of asset record data linked to regulatory and statutory reporting
  • Replacing manually driven, paper-based processes with streamlined digital procedures
  • Removal of risks in current business processes
  • Delivering clients and stakeholders value for money through effective planning and improved operations
  • Capitalising on innovation to drive continuous improvement
  • Efficient adaptation to changing regulatory requirements


Ctrl Hub is ISO 27001 certified and complies with the Data Protection Legislation, demonstrating Ctrl Hub’s ongoing adherence to these standards and regulations.

All of Ctrl Hub’s operational data (held in the operational database) is encrypted to AES-256 encryption standards. We maintain strong referential integrity within the operational database, including proper referential cascading and indexing.

Our business continuity and disaster recovery testing procedures are in line with the ISO 27001 management system policies.

The Benefits

Ctrl Hub’s uniquely adaptable software generates significant long-term value in our customers’ organisations by delivering the following benefits:

  • Flexibility and agility to adapt to internal and external requirements
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduction in risk
  • The richness of in-field data capture options
  • Availability of real-time management information and risk awareness
  • Ability to manage regulatory reporting
  • A simple user interface, consistent for all staff

The platform empowers our clients with the ability to make changes to core functionality and data design/attributes (including in-field data capture forms) themselves. Accordingly, many changes that traditionally would require a software developer can be done in-house by those less technologically minded.

Where custom development is required, management of software change and the release lifecycle is “light touch” - using best of breed technologies/tooling and automation, many of the risks typically associated with software are mitigated.

Ctrl Hub is therefore free from much of the burden associated with larger, more monolithic solutions. The modularity of our platform also makes the commercial relationship with our clients transparent and straight forward – you only pay for what you use!

Ready to harness the power of Ctrl Hub?

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