Broadleaf Tree Services

A leading, specialised tree surgery company based in the southeast England. We have been serving domestic, commercial, county authorities and construction clients for over 20 years.

We provide services in all aspects of tree management, including, hedge cutting, stump removal, young tree maintenance, planting and more.  We also provided, young tree maintenance, hedge cutting, and comprehensive Ash Dieback works for local authorities.

Our expert team of professional climbers, groundsmen and machine operators are fully trained to the highest industry standards, ensuring we can provide you with a professional service from start to finish. We are proud Arboricultural Association Approved members and have a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of tree care and maintenance.  

From our bases in Surrey and West Sussex, we cover Southeast England, London and Home Counties.

We take pride in working to the highest standards, setting a benchmark within the industry for efficient and dependable services, our goal being not only to meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them.
Broadleaf Tree Services are fully insured and certified to carry out tree works we undertake.


Tree Maintenance
Managing trees within their environment is key to long term retention. If space and settings allow, letting trees grow naturally is the best form of management. Trees are living organisms so are vulnerable to pests and diseases, environmental conditions, storms and old age. 

When trees grow near infrastructure and buildings it may be necessary to manage their crowns with appropriate pruning. Our team can provide advice and specifications for the most suitable course of action in order to abate any safety concerns, conflicts or issues that arise. We work with our clients to ensure that all parties understand the specification of the works and what will be undertaken.

Crown Reduction
The most common form of pruning to manage a trees canopy when it has outgrown its environment. It can involve lateral and/or height reduction depending on the specification.  The aim, to maintain the basic structure and form of the tree but reduce the overall size. Crown reductions can be undertaken to lessen the stress on poor unions, weak parts of a tree or to increase light to the immediate environment. The lifespan of a tree can be increased by undertaking appropriate works in line with best industry practice.

Crown Lifting
This involves removing or reducing the lowest branches to increase the ground clearance beneath the canopy.  Usually achieved by removing secondary growth to avoid making large wounds on the main stem. It is a great way to increase light under the crown, providing clearance to buildings or infrastructure.  Sometimes, landowners have a legal duty to ensure clearance to footpaths and highways are maintained. Local authorities usually require a minimum of 2.4m over a footpath, 5.4m over a highway.

Pollarding involves removing the smaller leaf bearing growth on a tree back to a previous pollard point or knuckle. An excellent way of managing certain species of trees and is done in 3-5 year cycles.  Managing old pollards is essential to avoid placing undue stress on the pollard points which can be susceptible to decay.

Tree Felling
Broadleaf loves trees and consider full tree removal a last resort, but in certain circumstances, it may be necessary.
Sometimes trees succumb to pests, diseases, storm damage or just old age or are in conflict with plans to redevelop areas or sites.  When there’s a clear conflict between trees, infrastructure or health and safety removal may be the only option.

Stump Grinding / Treatment
If a tree has been removed, there’s a stump left behind. Many cases stumps can be left to provide a natural habitat for bugs or as a garden feature, but this is not always practical. Where removal is required, we offer a range of machinery capable of grinding most stumps. Once a stump has been removed the area can be levelled and repurposed. 
If it’s not possible to remove a stump, we offer treatment to help prevent regrowth. Not all species of tree will regrow, many cases treatment is not necessary. As a company we are keen to reduce the use of chemicals so this will always be considered as a last resort.

Tree Surveys
We offer a comprehensive tree health and safety survey service that provides detailed information about the trees and vegetation on a site. We also provide a timed management plan to help our clients understand and manage the requirements of their green infrastructure. A typical survey will include details of all tree species on site, measurements of each tree, visual inspection notes and recommendations of any work required. Works can then be assessed and budgeted in the management plan. Our professional tree surveyors and arborists are trained in visual tree assessment techniques, ensuring informed decisions can be made.

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