Blackthorn GRC Limited

Blackthorn GRC Ltd. provides security-based solutions and services. We are the force behind the Blackthorn ‘admissible’ Case Management tool and have a long history of working with Law Enforcement, Government and Defence. Our innovative business solutions have been out in the market place since 2005 helping customers manage complex tasks in a consistent, deterministic and collaborative manner, including their internal governance activities.  

Our software incorporates clever tools that accelerate the set-up and configuration of the core product to meet different operational needs. This allows our solutions to be precisely aligned to every customer’s unique business and styling needs.  Powerful workflow and reporting capabilities allow complex activities tox be orchestrated in a way that ensures predictable execution with effective oversight and monitoring.  Dashboards, configurable to each user’s personal preferences, put information within immediate reach, and embedded hyperlinks allow users to descend through the different layers of information and to pin-point information of particular interest.  Intentionally, our solutions are orientated around the needs of individual users, but much focus is also given to collaborative working and the access and authorization controls necessary for effective team governance.  Role-Based Access Control, and a separate permissions hierarchy aligned to assets and data objects, ensures that our solutions have the flexibility needed to handle every possible team hierarchy and case access requirement.   

For many of our customers data sovereignty and security is a permanent challenge.  They require solutions for orchestrating investigations, coordinating activities and/or managing evidence, while remaining the right side of the regulative and legislative landscape. Our business solutions are available with full database encryption and channel encryption (securing the link between the end-user device and application server infrastructure).  A standard feature is an Audit Log of users and system actions which provides an admissible record of updates and changes to case information, even a user’s sight of such information.  

Our solutions are delivered on scalable, secure infrastructure with the flexibility to deliver optimum performance at minimum cost. Customers can choose, based on their risk profile, between an accredited cloud platform meeting UK Government security standards or less expensive commercial enterprise cloud.  Self-hosting is also an option.  The service can be accessed over standard Government networks (PSN, RLI, HSCN) or via the Internet with appropriate channel encryption. Our system availability target (software and hardware) is better than 99.95% across all platforms, meaning access to reliable and secure data, without any inconvenience.  

Our technology is web-based and is therefore accessible on any platform with an Internet browser capability.  This keeps through-life costs to a minimum and avoids the complexity of local installs on end-user devices.  Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.  We are also developing a Blackthorn App that will make accessing our solutions from smart-phones and smaller mobile devices a realistic option, optimising the experience by using the limited real-estate of such devices in the most optimum way.     

We pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with customers and helping them achieve their strategic goals. Blackthorn invests in talented staff who help to drive our organisation and enable us to continue to innovate.  Blackthorn provides a single point of contact for support and advice covering all aspects of the service.  This allows authorised personnel or client third party support desks to raise support tickets between the standard service hours of 9am- 5pm, Monday to Friday.  An additional range of support options covering weekends, extended hours and bank/public holidays can be arranged if required.

All of Blackthorn GRC’s staff have been security vetted to a minimum of SC Level.
Key applications in the Blackthorn Case Management stable include:

  • Investigations Case Management
  • Forensics Case Management
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Fraud Management including Anti-money Laundering
  • Policy Management
  • FOI Enquiry Management
  • Employment Vetting
  • Skills and Competency Assessment
  • Audit Case Management
  • Online Questionnaire, Forms and Surveys.

For more information about Blackthorn GRC’s digital solutions visit our website or call or email us.

020 81237989

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