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At Skydata we focus and specialise in aerial photography, surveys, construction reports and drone property inspections. Our Managing Director has over 20 years’ experience in facilities management and as a result has a direct understanding of the challenges presented in undertaking this type of work. Skydata was developed using that knowledge in order to resolve some of the issues experienced as both a Facilities Manager and Project Manager. We have been involved in a number of drone projects and have built a reputation for quality work. We continue to focus on creating effective and positive relationships with our clients, communication is key to enable you to overcome your challenges. We work collaboratively to find effective solutions to your problems. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to meet your requirements.

Drone photography is allowing pioneering developments in the filming and photography of properties. As CAA authorised drone operators we can fly close to at times within difficult locations, whilst maintaining high standards in quality of imagery and safety of staff, property and the public. To that extent we are members of ARPAS-UK and the Dronesafe register of operators. Alongside being registered with professional bodies we also carry professional indemnity cover up to £2m.

All our operators are trained through CAA accredited NQE’s and are accredited to operate Multirotor drones up to 20 KG. Our drones have a live feed on the ground allowing to view and change angles. We also have the capacity to have a separate camera operator with Full HD output for separate capture of transmission. We are also licensed by the CAA to provide commercial drone services at night.

Safety is always a priority and our flight planning and risk assessments are completed prior to deployment onsite to film. This ensures that the safety requirements are adhered to and minimises onsite disruption. We fly to a strict set of regulations and ensure that all images are captured legally and safely. Drones are an excellent first point of inspection helping to identify areas requiring attention. The use of thermal imaging compliments traditional imaging, meaning that any issues can be easily identified such as equipment running hot or other complications such as damp.

With the elevated advantage point provided by drones, our service is ideal for roof inspections, asset inspections or cladding inspections. We can also provide data in support of insurance claims following fire, flooding or storm damage, using both traditional and thermographic imagery. We can fly the drones close to the property to obtain a clear view of roofs, chimneys, towers and other difficult to reach areas. The traditional method of completing these surveys is a costly and time-consuming process. Using drones eliminates the costs of hiring expensive equipment such as scaffolding, steeplejacks or cherry pickers. Additionally, using a drone significantly reduces the Health and Safety risks associated with surveys and conveyancing as there is no need for anyone to leave the ground. It reduces the timeframe and the logistical element involved. Drones allow you to zoom in on any areas such as brickwork, leadwork or asbestos and complete a full analysis in your own time in the comfort of your own office.

We can also provide traditional photography, videography and virtual tours for construction and building sites. Examining each stage of progress and maintaining regular progress reports of a construction project can provide detailed views of onsite developments such as structural or overall aesthetics. This format can help to keep partners and investors updated without the need for site visits. Aerial photography can provide an excellent overview of a construction site and is ideal for progress reports but is also ideal for viewing land prior to submitting planning application. Drone photography and photogrammetry is increasingly being used alongside traditional surveying, quantity surveying and construction management. We can produce geographically accurate 2D and 3D maps and models by using the latest technology.

Using a combination of high-resolution photography, photogrammetry techniques and sophisticated computer calculations and modelling, we can produce accurate 2D and 3D maps and models. We can supply the high-resolution images to your surveyor or alternatively you can use one of our partners, allowing them to complete any necessary reports that you require.

Based in North West, we provide a comprehensive service to a diverse range of clients on both a local and national basis. Please contact us to discuss pricing for aerial inspections and surveys. We are happy to discuss your requirements and suggest options that will help you to reduce cost, save time and maintain safety of your employees and the public.

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