Beyond Encryption

The rise of cyber-crime and identity theft in recent years has reached levels that no responsible public sector organisation or business professional can afford to ignore. Public awareness of this issue has never been greater; clearly reflected in increasing public/client expectation and ever tightening industry regulation across virtually every professional business and public sector. The consequences for failing to take adequate steps to protect confidential information have never been more serious, for your business or for your clients both in the public and private sectors.

Beyond Encryption provides secure messaging and digital engagement solutions for both public sector and private business and their client and users alike; enabling the sharing of confidential information securely.  Conceived and developed by Beyond Encryption, the Mailock Digital Recorded Delivery Service provides you with not only identity authenticated, military-grade encrypted email that sets the standard for secure communication, but also a wide range of features and benefits that actively contribute to a successful secure communication strategy.  

How Mailock works

Mailock is a secure email solution that allows You to exchange email securely, safe in the knowledge that their communication can only be read by their intended recipient. Emails are secured using existing email platforms with our Mailock add-in or a compatible web browser providing a device/ platform agnostic experience for all users.

For the Sender

  • Standard email composition (we will remind you if we think you should secure it) or compose a new secure email and simply click send.
  • Options to set a security challenge, let us generate one for them, or send a 2-factor authentication ‘passcode’ by SMS.   Send the email.
  • Notification when their recipient has opened and read their message.

For the recipient

  • Access to the sender’s email in seconds having met their security requirement (verification, challenge or SMS Code).
  • Ability to read (& save) the email and attachments.
  • Option to reply securely via a simple and free sign up process that will allow them to reply   to you in under a minute.

The recipient of your email can simply read the message and securely reply* to the original email with minimal effort por complication.  This ensure that you as the sender have protected the email and the recipient from malicious attack and data loss.

Unlock greater user engagement

Relying on your users/clients to log in to secure portals to access confidential information or having to wait for important communications to arrive by post creates delays and additional cost for your services. Mailock lets you know that your recipient has received your communication and opened it. Knowing your recipient can respond easily and securely at no extra cost will help your service remain better engaged with your clients and users.

Protecting You – saving time and money

When considering the cost of traditional administration and postage a Mailock license could pay for itself in as little as 4 posted communications. Given these communications are delivered to your recipient immediately you can stay focused on the next important communication rather than worrying about posting the communication that you have just completed.

How secure will Mailock make your communications?

Mailock’s Identity Secured Communication ensures customer confidentiality by using military grade encryption (AES256) By verifying and authenticating recipient ID, the sender ensures regulatory compliance and a robust audit trail for their professional communications     

When a secure communications system can protect your clients and your reputation from a serious and growing threat, while improving your engagement, your environmental impact and your bottom line, isn’t it time to take control?

Safeguarding the environment

High quantities of confidential communications continue to be printed and posted to consumers, clients, patients etc throughout the public and private sectors. Using Mailock Digital Recorded Delivery means printing and postage of confidential communications, and their combined detrimental impact upon the environment, can largely become a thing of the past.

About Beyond Encryption

Our story dates back 2009 when our CEO Paul Holland, started investing in our Mailock technology and architecture to combat the emergence of identity theft and email cyber-crime. We incorporated our business, then called Mailock, in 2013 to deliver our first version of the Mailock product suite. In 2016 we founded Beyond Encryption to better represent the value of our products which truly goes ‘beyond encryption’. Every company in the world today has a responsibility to secure its customers’ identity and act as guardians of their information. Failure to do so goes far beyond financial loss with the impact to brand value and reputation potentially being far more costly.

We are passionate about helping companies and individuals secure their most import assets online, their data and their identity.