Beyond are an award-winning Oracle Partner with recognised expertise in Oracle Cloud Business Analytics and the first in EMEA to achieve Modern Oracle Partner Network Expertise in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Since our inception in 2006 we have been passionately helping Public Sector organisations to become truly intelligent via the sophisticated application of Oracle technology. 

We started working primarily with Oracle ERP users who needed to get access to accurate and timely data and then act upon it.  The next logical step was to assist organisations to integrate 3rd party data to develop an integrated picture and improve decision making. 

100% dedicated to Oracle technology, we work with many organisations to accelerate transformational change using a mix of Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Business Analytics. Working with multiple source systems, including Oracle Cloud ERP and E-Business, we integrate data important to the customer to create enterprise wide analytic systems. 

Public Sector Oracle BI Working Party

Beyond formed the "UK Public Sector Oracle BI Working Party" with thought leaders across public sector organisations and it exists to act as a centre of excellence for BI within the public sector.

Forecasting and Budget Management Applications

Used by large organisations to maintain, manage, and control their financial forecasting and budgeting processes. Simple and easy to use from a business user’s perspective, but at the same time Finance departments can construct complex and innovative forecast and budget models which deliver more accurate and timely forecasts. Designed to integrate with both Oracle ERP (Cloud/on-premises) and Oracle EPM (PBCS), making it a good fit for organisations wanting to become more self-sufficient. Budget holders can review/amend/annotate and approve forecasts via a simple user interface without any assistance.

The Smart Cloud Controller – Manage your Oracle Universal Service Credits Wisely!

A cloud service that automatically switches a customer’s Oracle Cloud instances on and off to ensure that the customer only pays for what they use or plan to use. This is a service that manages a customer’s Oracle “Universal Credits” efficiently by shutting down and starting up cloud environments to a user defined schedule Oracle Cloud Infrastructure costs are either based on either a “Monthly Flex” pricing model which is an estimate of monthly usage or a “Pay As You Go” model.

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