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Avast Business provides integrated, enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for public sector organisations and local governments, SMBs and IT Service providers. Backed by the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection network, the Avast Business security portfolio makes it easy and affordable to secure, manage, and monitor complex networks. Our unique combination of security and remote monitoring and management expertise means we can deliver integrated solutions that are faster, smarter, and more powerful. The result is superior protection that businesses can count on. Avast Business is part of Avast, one of the world’s largest security companies. We have been saving the world from cyberattacks since 1988. Our innovative solutions combine technical proficiency with the strength of artificial intelligence and a constant stream of data from our hundreds of millions of users to identify, detect, and destroy threats in real time -- before they cause damage.

Endpoint Protection Solutions
All-in-one protection for devices, data, and people

Avast Business Endpoint Protection Solutions provide a range of award-winning antivirus protection, so businesses can run smoothly and efficiently, without interruption. The portfolio consists of three products: Antivirus, Antivirus Pro, and Antivirus Pro Plus -- designed to keep your customers’ devices, data, and employees safe from the latest cyberthreats. All three solutions may be used standalone or centrally managed by either an on-premise or cloud-based console for increased ease of use.

1. Avast Business Antivirus
Avast Business Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus solution for SMBs that keeps any end-user device connected to the network safe from sophisticated online threats -- whether it's a known ransomware variant or a never-seen-before, zero-day attack.  

2. Avast Business Antivirus Pro
Avast Business Antivirus Pro includes all of the capabilities of Avast Business Antivirus plus automatic software updates, data shredding to permanently delete files, and extra security for servers.

3. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus
Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus includes the capabilities of Antivirus and Antivirus Pro with additional data and identity protection to secure users and connections in open and public networks.

4. Patch Management
Having a strong endpoint security foundation is crucial to protecting businesses from cyberattacks –  and antivirus alone isn’t enough to combat these threats. Find out how Avast Business Patch Management takes the guesswork out of patching by identifying critical vulnerabilities and making it easy to deploy them from a central dashboard.

Patch management plays a critical role in endpoint cybersecurity. Patches are released to fix vulnerabilities or security gaps in Windows operating systems and other application software. If patches are not applied in a timely manner, networks can be severely compromised.

While most organisations are aware of the importance of patching, many don’t because there are too many patches, patching often interrupts operations, and patches can cause problems with other systems.
The new Avast Business Antivirus products, enhanced with Patch Management, solve these issues by making it easy to identify and deploy critical patches and monitor ongoing activity from a central dashboard.

1. Stay ahead of vulnerabilities
Keep Windows Operating Systems and other third-party software applications up to date automatically to prevent possible security gaps.

2. Ensure compliance
Identify and patch outdated or failed-to-install software to ensure company and regulatory compliance, as well as prevent security breaches.

3. Centralize management

Stay in complete control of patches with centralized management that allows you to scan
all devices, set schedules, and receive reports from a single console.

4. Automate deployment
Set and forget it. No need to trail through hundreds of patches, let our console automatically schedule and deploy critical and important patches to your devices.

Patch Management Features

Flexible deployment schedules
Apply approved patches when it is convenient for your business.

Local patch agent
All available patches are downloaded to a local device that acts as a master agent to distribute patches to managed devices in the network.

Intuitive Dashboard
Manage all required software patches and view graphical summaries of installed patches, missing patches, and failed patches on any device under management.

Patch scan results
View patch scan results from the management console to learn more about missing patches including the specific update (KB), bulletin links, release date, description, and more.

Customizable patches
Select software vendor(s), product(s) and severity of patches to scan and install. Add vendor, product, and severity exclusions to your deployment policy.

Multiple reports
A variety of configurable reports are available to assist with determining the health and security of your devices’ software.

5.  Management Console
The management console makes it easy to deploy antivirus protection to multiple devices, manage all devices from one place, mix and match device types, schedule regular scans, and quickly add more devices.

  • Manage PCs, Macs and servers from one place
  • User friendly console
  • Mix and match different Avast antiviruses and operation systems
  • Schedule tasks in advance to have all devices under control at all times
  • Block dangerous websites, set templates and group devices
  • Take advantage of comprehensive reports of threats and malware
  • Invite other administrators and set personalized notifications
  • Get even better customer support with the chat feature

Endpoint protection that works for you

We specialize in user-friendly products that are easy to use regardless of technical expertise. The product interface is easy to understand and set up based on your needs and preferences. The endpoint antivirus products can be managed by anyone, and can grow with you as your organisation expands.