Are your lifts (social distancing) safe?

AVIRE is a market leading manufacturer of advanced lift solutions that are installed across the globe, connecting and protecting people through products and services. COVID-19 has impacted on everyone in unprecedented ways, not least the way we behave and interact with people in day to day life. Buildings are now expected to adapt and promote this new lifestyle finding ways to run safely and efficiently. AVIRE has engineered a system designed to help encourage social distancing and ultimately protect lift users.

Social distancing has potentxially become the most used term of 2020, and with the re-opening of buildings and the need to re-adjust to a ‘new normal’ it is a vital behaviour that will be a part of daily life for quite a while to come. Lifts have long been equipped with an overload alarm to ensure that if the maximum weight limit is exceeded the lift will not move. However, we have now moved into a new time where an overloaded lift is not only defined by a weight limit, but also the maximum number of people allowed within the lift car whilst still maintaining social distancing.

Lifts are a key area of risk due to the enclosed space, and currently the only way a building manager can promote social distancing within their lifts is by using signage that states how many people should be in the lift at one time, or alternatively by ensuring a member of staff is present to manually manage the amount of people entering. These solutions are either often ignored by impatient passengers or are costly and by taking measures to install devices such as ESD it can help to reduce likelihood of litigation.

ESD promotes social distancing using a programmable maximum occupancy level for each lift. The system delivers audible messages to the passengers when the lift is over-occupied and slows the operation of the lift. Slowing down the lift when it is mis-used can help to change behaviour patterns, encouraging users to take alternative routes if possible, or practise safe social distancing.
Once the occupancy level is acceptable the lift will resume its normal function.

What can the Avire ESD do for you?

  • Limit the occupancy of your lifts
  • ESD temporarily holds doors if occupancy level has been exceeded
  • People counting capability
  • Works in all lifts
  • Gives audio feedback to passengers when occupancy level is reached
  • Save time and money whilst also adding to your toolkit for safety and therefore reduce risk of litigation