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Traveling within and between cities is so commonplace that people don’t really think about it much. However, the need for traveling is acutely reminded to them when their possibility for moving is either disrupted or obstructed. This can happen with poorly maintained roads and asset items, and due to constantly growing traffic flow that can lead to traffic jams, making travels uncomfortable or even leading to traffic accidents and injuries. Avoiding this scenario is a challenge to municipalities. How to get an overview of your road infrastructure, the state of the asset items and road conditions, and the level of safety on the streets in terms of traffic flow? And not just getting an overview but getting it smartly.

Currently, running a full review is time-consuming and expensive – for instance, backlogs in road maintenance amount to trillions of dollars, and the costs continue to rise. This leads to difficulties in assessing the priority of necessary actions to be taken and delays in road repairments and maintenance of asset items. However, there are means and technology to make the whole process cost-effective, sustainable, and smart. What do we mean?

At EyeVi Technologies, we have the vision to bring digital transformation into the geospatial domain. To get one step closer to accomplishing our vision, we have taken up a mission to make the management of road infrastructure sustainable through digitalization. Something that is also essential for smart city management. To fulfill our mission, we have developed a solution that can be used for gathering high accuracy geodata, such as roads, asset items, and road objects, and processing this data automatically. This means that in using our solution, you can virtually create a 3D digital twin of your city and use the data for any purpose from predictive maintenance to setting a benchmark for future data analysis.

Our full on-demand mapping technology consists of high-quality hardware and AI-powered software. With our car-mounted panoramic camera and LIDAR scanner, the captured geospatial data is of the highest accuracy and quality. The AI-powered software makes it possible to digitalize the data twice as fast as compared to manual labor, but just as accurately as specialists would do it. For instance, we can digitalize the whole city within a month.

How does it work? First, the geospatial data is captured using our hardware and specialized fieldwork software. From the captured data, we can produce three ready-to-use datasets: 360° panoramic images, orthophotos, and full coverage point clouds. These datasets together with position and orientation metadata are then used as input data for our AI.

With the help of our AI, it is possible to automatically:

  • detect drivable road area and road attributes from orthophotos
  • identify pavement defects from orthophotos
  • detect traffic signs on panoramic images
  • classify objects (such as posts, buildings, and vegetation) on point clouds

The list does not end here, though. These are just a few examples of what our solution can offer you.

What’s the benefit? For instance, through our AI-powered and automated 3D mapping platform, road consultants and asset managers can have a constant overview of the physical road network in maximum detail. Road defects, attributes, profiles, road signs, safety barriers, markings, crossroads, and so much more – everything necessary for predictive road maintenance, road asset and traffic management, safety auditing, and autonomous transportation. We have optimized the whole process of data capture and processing via the selection of leading hardware components in terms of cost vs accuracy, maximization of data production efficiency, and automatization regarding feature extraction options. In short, we have combined scalability and cost-efficiency.

We will make it possible to map the whole city and make it digitally available for any data query. Be it smart traffic flow, urban mobility, or self-driving vehicles. We have developed our mobile mapping solution with special emphasis on covering entire cities. The focus is on capturing real-life conditions and sustaining a regular update rate with cost-efficiency in mind. Furthermore, we are also developing partnership relations with data analytics companies which will provide you also with various possibilities in terms of data analysis.

Want to make the data of your city meaningful and scalable? Let's arrange a live demo of our technology platform and related use cases!

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