After Premise Limited – Taking the pain from project document management

Formed in 2014, we’ve always held the firm belief that it’s possible to deliver innovative, modern applications without spending a fortune. We’ve moved away from restrictive user licencing and heavy-handed enforcement that’s common in enterprise solutions to a more equitable, pay-per-use model where customers only pay when software performs useful work. Customers benefit from reduced solution costs with the removal of over-capacity both in terms of hardware and user licencing. Using the AWS technology stack has enabled us to develop fully serverless solutions that work at enterprise scale but still remain aligned to our pricing philosophy.

APDocs – turning a static archive into a system of action
APDocs delivers complete and comprehensive documentation for even the most complex  projects and is also available to government purchasers on G-cloud 12. Current users find the innovative functionality enables better quality deliverables in less time compared with traditional collation methods. APDocs works with many file formats, including pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, mp4, dwg drawings and ifc models.

With the ability to create pre-defined documentation requirements that can be repeated across projects, you can save time that’s usually spent collating documents manually. The review and sign-off process for submitted documents is configurable and largely managed by a ‘virtual assistant’ which tracks and chases document submissions and review feedback.  

A fully searchable archive is available and when change happens, documents can be checked out, updated, reviewed and republished so that the latest information is always available to the right people, at the right time. System multi-level security makes sure that only the right people have access. A comprehensive history is kept and stored in an immutable audit trail, under-pinned by blockchain technology.

Storage is charged monthly; based on the reserved capacity purchased and can be bought in blocks of as little as 10GB. With no user licence costs and a pay-per-use model, it can be accessed by any nominated user, without any additional costs. We charge a small monthly fee to keep the system running, maintain system monitoring and manage system notifications. Other costs are invoiced based on your usage; the number of documents loaded, the space you use and the number of times you access the stored documents.

IFC models and BIM integration – start your journey with digital twins
With model data integrating seamlessly into our comprehensive search engine, you simply click on an item to search across all project data and navigate models using our mobile compliant viewer. If you’re a BIM model user, you can load an existing model into APDocs and use the BIM model viewer to access documentation. You’re able to trigger full index searches, extract Cobie spreadsheets and enhance project taxonomies to improve your search. To give a bespoke system of action, existing templates and workflows are available to use free of charge, with the option to purchase bespoke templates or workflow configurations at reduced profession service rates.

Smartsheet integration – enabling an automated and efficient system to track and manage deliverables
APDocs provides seamless integration with Smartsheet – modernising your old processes to increase effectiveness, eliminate silos, create velocity and scale with confidence. Using the latest technologies, you can utilise Smartsheet’s comprehensive reporting and collaboration platform with efficient creation and approval processes. Our inbuilt dashboards will quickly highlight progress and identify any bottlenecks. Our virtual APDocs assistant combined with Smartsheet workflows have the ability to chase contributors, update your plans when documents are signed off and reschedule tracking dates as your plan evolves.

APDocs in action
PB Safety Consultancy Ltd, found that processing and managing so much documentation became inefficient and difficult, they needed one all-encompassing suite of information. They needed a more effective solution, so implemented APDocs. Now, all their vital documents are part of an indexed, searchable repository of information with controllable access for as many staff members as needed. Advanced automation allows remote monitoring and control, enabling the team to achieve much more than by using traditional document collation methods. This is exactly what APDocs was created for – to allow a business, whatever the size, to manage their key documentation simply and effectively, with a proper automated audit trail and access levels.

It doesn’t need to be difficult; APDocs makes it easy.

Trial service
A trial service is available for a single project to be configured for 10 users, using up to 10GB of storage, to load up to 100 documents over three months. The trial portal requires configuration and setup of users, so please contact us to discuss your trial requirements.

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