AEC People

About AEC People

Service approach and objectives

AEC People take an objective view on individual organisation’s needs, requirements, perceived risks and function within the projects. We apply relevant services (BIM and Software implementation, IT, Computers, Training, Software licenses and Support), customised to make the organisations run their projects efficiently and seamlessly between the stakeholders.

BIM is not about 3D modelling. It’s about managing projects to meet the developer’s business objectives, through the utilisation of resources that are customised and optimised.

Our core objectives are to provide effective and practical solutions and services that are in-line with:

  • The Industrial Strategy
  • Developers business objectives (Local Authorities, Healthcare, Housing Associations and Private)
  • Improvement of UK construction for international export

As well as our commitment to the UK construction industry and adding our value to improving on the use of technology and process to deliver projects faster, cheaper, safer and greener. AEC People have also setup a Business Management service for women in construction. This initiative is in-line with the Industrial Strategy, but it’s main objectives are to improve on equality, increase a pool of highly technically capable professionals across the UK and nurture the growth of UK business. This service provides full business solution on a low monthly subscription fee for professional women and mothers and it allows them to solely focus on being an architect, engineer, developer etc. with out the added stress and workload of running a business.

Technology, environmental responsibilities and work/life balance

In-line with the industrial strategy to utilize technology, ability to work effectively from remote locations, improve work flexibility and work/life balance and using bespoke technical and process solutions to improve on the project planning, development and delivery, AEC People lead by example.

We operate a paperless and completely digital business, using technology for Unified Communication, development, support, collaboration and remote working.

As for the innovation of process and technology, we have developed and implemented custom solutions for reducing some of the many issues causing delays, increased risks and financial strain on the projects in various project stages. For example:

  • Project planning and setup based on business standards and objectives;
  • Design team technical, process and support;
  • Construction principles;
  • Digital risk registers;
  • Standardised technical implementation routines with custom resources, framework and PQQ optimisation;
  • Custom libraries of components optimised for a modular construction approach;
  • Reduction of design team collaboration and coordination issues, 4D and FM.

We are also taking steps to reduce waste and improve on team members’ mental and physical health by providing 27 days holiday as a standard, AECPzen days where team members get additional time during working hours for physical and mental recharge with no time pressure and development tasks on those days with the added flexibility to work and exercise in a location of choice. We provide thermos food flasks to help our team eat healthier, reduce waste and use lunch time to go for a walk rather than queuing for lunch food. We provide our team with Brita filter water bottles to further help with waste reduction and a healthier lifestyle.

Feedback on AEC People

“I am impressed by the BIM Level 2 implementation.” - Lloyds Register

“The added value, dedication and support AECP have provided us with has led to our BIM competence and the growth of the added values that Higgins can now provide as a business.” – Higgins Construction

“Jimi’s guidance, from preparation of the BEP to day to day software and validation queries ensured that BIM roles, responsibilities and outputs were clearly defined at the correct stage of works and enabled project information to be developed and utilised from a firm foundation." – CR