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345 is a high-performance software engineering consultancy.

We welcome you to the world of big, BIG data. Integration, platforms, analytics and data strategy. It’s our world and it’s what we excel at.

Where we really thrive:

  • Mission-critical data projects.
  • Projects that deal with data at a truly whopping scale.
  • Projects with a very high quality bar.
  • Core, complex and high pressure work.

Integration, data platforms, data analytics

All these combine to form a bigger picture of how you build your business around data.

Integration is all about connecting your systems together, automating processes that use data and unlocking the flow of data in your organisation.  It’s all about tapping into the streams of data in your business and piping data to where you can use it later.

Data platforms are the underpinnings of your data architecture.  For you to harness big data you need the platform to support it. No matter the size of your data we can build the right platform for you, from small to large, simple to complex, local to global.

Data analytics is all about making sense of your data so you can understand things that are currently unknown, have faster and better decision making and seize the opportunities hidden within your data.  Big Data means nothing unless you can use it to make decisions and be better tomorrow than you were today.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI is the defining technology of this generation. We help you understand the possibilities AI and machine learning can offer to your organisation and help you start your journey.

Technical projects where we are likely to be a good fit

Integration:  getting systems to talk to each other, either cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-datacentre, automating your business processes, efficient and reliable back-end processing (real-time and batch), and modernising your existing integration solutions.

Data and big data:  high-speed data ingestion, high-capacity data stores, performance tuning, sizing and performance, data visualisation, real-time processing.  We help select and configure the right data stores whether relational (SQL) or key-value (NoSQL), mixed model or graph model.

AI and Machine Learning: AI strategy, cognitive services, knowledge mining, bots, machine learning models, AI-driven APIs and applications, automating the training and release of AI models.

Cloud migration:  move your existing apps from your datacentre to the cloud, no matter whether you prefer Azure or AWS.  Data migration, app modernisation, data platform modernisation and cloud cost optimisation.

Messaging and APIs:  Microservices, REST APIs, event-driven architectures, message buses – creating all the connections so your systems talk to each other.

IoT: Enabling all the devices in your business to be connected and managed wherever they are, collecting the data and integrating with your other systems so actions happen off the back of the data you receive.
DevOps:  automating the secure software delivery and quality cycle.

Examples of typical projects

Education Reporting Data Platform

We have helped an education vendor create a data platform that allows schools to access better reports by combining data sets together on attendance, behaviour, results, exclusions and more.  What combinations of data would help your organisation create ideal reports to help you manage and act?

Cloud IoT Platform

We helped to build an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that connected thousands of equipment-monitoring devices all over the world to a platform hosted in Microsoft Azure.  Storing and analysing the data, we support AI-driven predictive maintenance, so equipment gets serviced before it fails.  This type of solution is applicable to many sectors including buildings, housing, traffic, parking, environment, and any other type of equipment.  

Integration Modernisation – Moving to the Cloud

We use a technology that helps move your integration solutions to the cloud by analysing your existing applications and generating a solution in Microsoft Azure.  If you are looking to move your systems to the cloud you should ask us for a demonstration – and see how quickly you can get there.

Big Data Reporting Platform

We built a system to handle billions of financial transactions per year – ingesting, storing, crunching, and searching data at scale.  This technology is applicable to all scenarios where you deal with the public, where you gather data and generate statistics to help provide a better service.

Get started

We are a small, responsive business that cares about everyone we work with – employees, customers and suppliers.  We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, an AWS Partner, an approved Crown Commercial Service supplier registered on G-Cloud and DOS and an approved supplier on FSQS, a framework for financial services institutions.

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