WASP PFS is dedicated to providing international fuel cleaning solutions for backup power systems.
In an industry which invests substantially in back-up generators to ensure business continuity in the event of power failure, often the generator’s stored fuel is over looked.
In as little as 6 months, condensation forming in the fuel tank can lead to sludge, fungus and bacterial infection. 
These contaminates can result in poor generator efficiency, reduced performance and potentially total power failure leading to high financial costs and an increased carbon footprint.
WASP PFS Ltd is the international market leader of quality fuel polishing solutions.
The companies’ innovative systems prevent contamination by removing microscopic particles of bacteria, sediment, and water; providing protection World-wide including Hospitals in the UK, Banks in Canary Wharf, Government Embassies in Africa, marine vessels in Fiji and Data Centres in Turkey.
W-PFS fuel polishing systems clean at between 10 – 240 lit/min, include colour touch-screen control, BMS connectivity, AC and DC power options and a wide range of add-ons.
As systems are designed and built by in-house mechanical and electrical engineers, we have the advantage of being able to provide bespoke built units.
WASP PFS offers WB Classic and W-PFS Premium ranges to suit your requirements as well as budget.

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