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Cost Effective Aerial Inspections and Surveys

VertiCrew are specialists in aerial inspection and survey of buildings, roofs, towers, and structures using UAV’s/ drones.

Local councils, government departments, emergency services, religious organisations, property owners, tenants, surveyors, consultants managing buildings, facilities, property, churches, industrial sites, wind turbines, solar farms and towers are all potential clients.

If required a more detailed inspection of brickwork, lightning conductors, stonework, restoration, weather vanes, roof tiles, lead work, asbestos and roof valleys can be conducted extremely quickly.
Benefits include rapid mobilisation, minimal disruption, and reduced cost.

VertiCrew pilots are CAA Approved with extended permissions for day and night commercial operations, skilled at capturing detailed aerial imagery in 4K video or 20 megapixel images.

CAA flight planning and risk assessment are conducted prior to arrival on site, to ensure safety of the public at all times.

UAV/ drones offer a very quick, cost-effective, low-risk solution for inspection, survey and assessment of buildings and structures compared to more expensive traditional high-risk methods using scaffolding, platforms, high rope access or hiring a cheery picker.

Cobham - England
Aberdeen - Scotland
CAA PfCO Reg No. UAV4510

020 71836264

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