TeraByte IT Limited

TeraByte IT is a company which operates in the North East of England and is a provider of information security solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer a number of set core services including:

•    Web application testing

•    Penetration testing

•    Vulnerability assessments

•    Anti-virus solutions

•    Two-factor authentication solutions

Our approach combines the use of experienced certified ethical hackers, as well as vulnerability scanning software, to deliver accurate and meaningful results presented in a report suited for your company.

TeraByte IT operates a no ‘open ended fees’ policy. This means we guarantee a fixed fee for every step of a project and so if a project overruns on the time estimated for the completion, we don’t charge extra.

In addition to offering the above as standard, our security consultants are versed in being able to communicate at all levels of the company i.e. from "techie-speak" for technical people to plain and simple for management.

Our core objective is to become your sole trusted partner for IT security solutions, strive to help improve your security presence and maximise your return of investment through our security solutions.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a free, no obligation quote.

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