TemplaCMS Integrated Management Software

Financial belt tightening has placed considerable pressure on procurement officers and their FM colleagues to seek more efficient ways of delivering property services across their estates.

Whether outsourced or managed directly, services such as cleaning, washroom hygiene, catering, grounds maintenance and security all demand rigorous control over common business processes that include budgeting, staff rostering, attendance management, payroll, stores replenishment, works orders, asset management, compliance auditing, document management and of course reporting.

TemplaCMS is an integrated software system designed specifically to help either contractors or direct service teams manage these services efficiently and effectively. Its attraction is the way it stores all the information required to manage the services or contracts in a central database and then delivers tight control of all the elements through its modular design.

For outsourced contractors it streamlines administration, allows bespoke reporting and analysis to suit client needs and is highly flexible in the production of invoices to facilitate easy recharging within the client organisation.

For direct service organisations, it provides an all-round business management tool that integrates seamlessly with in-house payroll and accounts software.

Already used widely by FM contractors, it forms the basis of successful partnerships with public sector clients ranging from local authorities and NHS Trusts to schools and police forces.

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