Compliance is a difficult subject. Sometimes perceived as a necessary evil. Sometimes perceived as something to be managed only as and when it comes up. Take the forthcoming General Data Protection Requirements for example. Many believe they are too small to be impacted, many believe there is no need to be concerned.

Many may be surprised to learn that many may not be as correct as they assumed.

This is because data protection applies to every organisation. Big or small, high risk or not, every organisation needs to be compliant.

selufen believes there is a smart way to manage this compliance and we want to make this manageable for your organisation. We look to integrate the data protection processes with the processes involved in an organisation’s existing information security or quality management systems.

This is great for you because compliance becomes an integrated activity, personnel simply continue with their usual tasks, because they understand their role in compliance, your stakeholders are secure in the knowledge that you are aware of your risks and opportunities in a clear and resilient way.

Of course, compliance is still a difficult subject but with selufen’s approach, compliance can be considered a problem solved.

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