SANO design and manufacture the Liftkar range of powered stairclimbers. These climbers are used across the world to help make the manual handling of heavy and awkward items up and down stairs easier and safer.
Our light weight aluminium machines have a capacity range from 110 to 170 kilos and a climbing speed (110 model) of up to 48 steps per minute. This model has a number of attachments to make moving gas cylinders, barrels and water bottles an easier process.
Our larger capacity machines the HD and MTK are capable of carrying over 300 kilos. These machines come with their own step edge braking system providing additional safety on very heavy loads even with one person operating.
Whether you have a set of straight or spiral steps, we have a stairclimber that could help in the removal or delivery process of your job. Our climbers are ideal for such loads are white goods, photo copiers, games machines, crates, barrels or just boxes. Please speak to our sales team about your requirements, we are happy to come and demonstrate our products for free across the UK.

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