Safety Management Advisory Services

Safety Management Advisory Services (SMAS) is a dedicated H&S assessment company providing contractors of all sizes a suitable and sufficient assessment process to enable them to gain an industry recognised, HSE endorsed, safety standard. We pride ourselves on being a prominent member of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP) and providing assurance to large scale clients on the compliance and safety of their contractors.
SMAS work with a large number of Main Contractors across all sectors including, but not limited to, construction, house building and facilities management. We work tirelessly to confirm that clients are fulfilling their legal duties under CDM Regulations 2015 to ensure that contractors working on site have the suitable skills, knowledge and training to do so.
Client are provided with a number of tools to assist them to manage this, ranging from an online real time portal containing access to all the contractors registered with SMAS where you can build virtual sites to mirror compliance on site to monthly reports and graphs to identify trends. The account management team at SMAS will come up with bespoke campaigns to support a client’s needs.
If you work with subcontractors and would like to talk further about how SMAS can support you managing your legal obligations please contact us by telephone or email.

01752 697370