The Power of Connectivity
Connectivity has become part of our daily lives.  Without connectivity, our capability for real-time communication would be limited, the internet wouldn’t exist and the smartphone would be just a dream.

Network Connectivity makes our world seem smaller than it is by enabling us to communicate in a blink of an eye, but how do we keep up with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth?

Our ability to communicate with other computer systems, electronic devices, software, or the Internet is dependent upon a robust network consisting of switches, routers, wireless access points and other networking devices. Increasingly as networks become larger (distance) and bandwidth requirements increase, fibre optics are necessary to interconnect this network.

As the demand for more data increases, solutions must be found to support these demands and often space, cost and time will play an important part as well as ensuring that CO2 emissions are kept at a minimum.  From maximising existing fibre infrastructure with WDM technologies to providing solutions for 100G and beyond, ProLabs is your one source for connectivity solutions providing proven compatibility with all network elements. ProLabs is your trusted partner to assist in migrating your networks from the connectivity demands of today to the needs of tomorrow.

Event Diary

The Emergency Services Show is the UK’s leading annual showcase of the blue light sector, featuring over 450 exhibitors, live demonstrations, unique learning opportunities and unrivalled networking.